Yesterday’s USA Today reported that the Japanese-Chinese confrontation over a collision between a Chinese trawler and Japanese coast guard vessels ended with the Japanese yielding to China’s demands (see first link below). The headline reports that China’s aggressive actions in the dispute “stunned” the Japanese. The trump card which China played was its decision to stop “shipments of rare metals that Japan depends on for high-tech manufacturing.” Unable to face the shut-down of key parts of its industrial base, Japan essentially surrendered to China’s demands.

What amazes me is that Japan or anyone else is surprised that China is willing to play a very decisive game of “hardball” in international geopolitics to get its way. Based on the biblical latter-day prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39, I’ve been predicting for over 20 years that Russia, China and Iran would form an alliance which would eventually be sufficiently emboldened to begin a global World War III via a surprise attack against the USA, NATO and their allies (such as Japan). Because of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy, I’m not the least bit surprised by China’s aggressiveness. Indeed, the Gog-Magog alliance of Russia, China and Iran has been very wisely and patiently preparing for this global war for some time. Knowing it could not keep pace with the USA’s military developments in the Regan era, Russia decided to dissolve the USSR and feigned weakness for years, which moved the West to think Russia was no longer a threat. The West has neglected its military defenses for years as a result. China implemented a policy of attracting the manufacturing base of the USA to China, and American corporations and nations, blinded by short-term profits, cut their own throats by deindustrializing the USA so the USA cannot make the weapons and manufactured goods to sustain itself without being dependent on Chinese factories.

A recent blog post at this website documented that China has cornered the market on various rare metals needed for today’s high-tech applications via past predatory pricing which shut down rare earth mines all over the western world. The Chinese monopoly on critical rare metals supplies was the exact tool used by China to force Japan to yield to China’s position in the recent dispute, although the second link reports Japan did not issue an apology over the incident (indeed, it likely owed none to China). The first link notes that China “is adopting a more aggressive stance against rivals and US allies in Asia and there may be more tension to come.” It adds: “China has shown it is quite willing to ‘bully’ [its] way through a problem.”

China was likely emboldened in its stance vs. Japan after it rather easily bullied President Obama into meekly submitting to China’s demands over US naval maneuvers in the Western Pacific Rim region (see earlier blog posts).  Seeing that the leader of the western world was easily bullied by Chinese demands,  why shouldn’t China feel even more emboldened to bully US allies into submitting to China’s will? The first link briefly mentions lingering Chinese anger over “Japan’s brutal  occupation of much of China from 1931 to 1945.” A websearch on the “rape of Nanking” will likely give readers more information about that occupation of China. While far too smart to say so openly, Chinese leaders would likely relish a chance to perpetrate a “rape of Tokyo” to exact revenge for what happened in World War II. Japanese leaders likely know this as well, and this drives Japanese leaders ever-more deeply into a necessary alliance with the USA to prevent such a future war with China. It is my opinion that Japanese leaders (and many other pro-western leaders around the world) would like to see President Obama find his backbone in his dealings with China. However, here again, China has played its cards with consummate skill. By facilitating the mindless debt expansions by the US government, China has positioned itself to hold a whip-hand in economic relations with the USA.  If the US government tries to play hardball with China, China can demand the USA submit to China’s will or China will withhold shipments of strategic metals to the USA as well and it could also demand the USA pay it a much higher rate of interest on all US T-bonds in China’s possession or it will dump them on the market. I think China has only begun to play hardball with the rest of the world.

At some point US voters will awaken to the extent to which the US government has made US citizens debt-slaves to China. That is when the US electorate will get boiling mad at their own leaders, and elect new leaders who will confront China. I wouldn’t be surprised to see future leaders in the USA, elected by a furious US electorate, openly repudiate or restructure American debts to China without consulting China about how this is done. If/when that happens, China’s rage will boil over too, and the Ezekiel 38-39 war will draw nearer. If you wish to examine the biblical clues regarding how that war will unfold and end, I invite you to read my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals About a Future World War III, available for free at the articles link at this website.