These links [1, 2] detail Japan’s decision to embark on a massive military build-up. This should not be surprising to anyone, given Japan’s obvious vulnerability to the ongoing massive military build-up by Japan’s rival, China, in recent years. Japan had no choice but to take such an action.

The military build-up is going to be very extensive. As these links detail, it will include “drones, fighter jets and naval destroyers” as well as surveillance drones, long-range reconnaissance planes, new V-22 tilt-rotor Osprey aircraft from the USA, amphibious assault vehicles, and an upgraded missile defense system (which will defend against North Korea’s missile program as well as China’s). Almost half of Japan’s army will be “reconfigured for rapid deployment,” and a new “Marine Corps-like unit will be organized to guard Japan’s southwest Islands” (to defend the Japanese Islands on which China is now encroaching). Japan is preparing to defend itself vigorously in any future war with China. The above measures are those which Japan is choosing to publicly announce and all are predictable given Japan’s security situation. I do wonder what military weaponry will be built or purchased by Japan which is not being announced to the public. Japan is an extremely high-tech nation and I’m sure it can develop some extremely high-tech weapons programs which will surprise its enemies. Japan is a world leader in robotics and I would not be surprised to learn that Japan is also investing in the development of robotic soldiers for many types of missions.

Significantly, Japan‘s pacifist constitution is now being re-interpreted to include the deployment of Japanese military forces in “behalf of allies under attack.” Obviously, China is the implied attacker of Japan’s allies. This will allow Japan to deploy forces as far away from Japan as it feels necessary to help defend any ally. That half of Japan’s army is being reconfigured for rapid deployment elsewhere, it means that a lot of Japanese soldiers will be ready to be deployed into other allied nations if necessary. Japan’s list of current or potential Asian allies includes India, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, etc. All these nations are directly threatened by China’s massive military build-up. Indonesia is somewhat of a wild-card as of yet. It has not declared its intentions in terms of whether it will be allied with China or the anti-Chinese alliance. The latter option is the more likely option, but it is not yet certain.

What a difference a few decades make. In World War II, the above nations were all threatened by Japan and allied with China in an anti-Japanese alliance. Now it is China who is threatening everyone else in the Pacific Rim and Japan is allied to the other nations in a growing alliance to provide mutual defense against China.

As I have noted in previous posts and in my articles, this Asian alliance of nations was prophesied to come into existence and not be allied to the Gog-Magog alliance which includes Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, etc. Ezekiel 38-39 is by far the most specific prophecy in the Bible about the alliances of nations in the latter days and how World War III will be started, fought and concluded. World War III will unfold just as Ezekiel 38-39 has prophesied and you can learn many details about that future war in my article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. My article, Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy, would also be very applicable to the topic of this posting. Biblical prophesies about the end-time World War III indicate that it will be on such a massive scale that it will make World War II look like a mere skirmish. Indeed, Jesus Christ prophesied that unless he were to cut short the “days” of latter-day prophetic timetables, no flesh would be left alive on the earth (Matthew 24:21-22). I’m hoping that Jesus Christ comes just as soon as possible in the latter-day prophetic events.