March 23, 2009
Steve Collins
As readers of my blogs know, it is my view that Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Japan and India will be either (A) allied with the USA and the West in the final World War of this age or they will at least not be part of the attacking alliance led by Russia, China, Iran, et. al. Continuing events argue option A is the likely outcome. Previous blogs have discussed the prophetic reasons why I see Japan as “Tarshish” and India as “Sheba and Dedan” mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13. This verse also mentions the “young lions thereof” that are linked to Tarshish and I see these “young lions” as the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim which copied the export-driven economy of Japan (a modern nation of “merchants,” just as Ezekiel 38:13 prophesied). Much more information on these identifications can be found in my article about Japan’s role in biblical prophecy (copied as the first link below). Recent events confirm the expectations expressed in this blog. One should always re-examine world events to be sure modern nations are identified correctly. If I ever saw evidence that indicated that I was incorrect in a prophetic identification of a nation, I’d “turn on a dime” and so inform readers at this blog. Since I am not sponsored or funded by an organization or denomination, I never have to “check with others” to see if is OK to talk about some aspect of the Bible or view it in a new perspective if events require doing so.
The second link reports that Japan’s Prime Minister has decided that it “must build its defense capabilities and strengthen its alliance with the United States.” Confronted by China’s rapid military build-up and a bellicose North Korea located within easy missile range of Japan, Japan’s conclusion is a most logical one. The report also notes Japan is building a joint missile-defense system with the USA and contributing warships to the NATO fleet combating piracy off Somalia. Personally, I find it reassuring that the USA is building a defense system with Japan instead of using equipment that is “made in [Communist] China.”
Occasionally, I hear from some who think Japan “cannot be trusted” or that it will ally itself with Russia and China. I disagree with that view. When Japan was defeated and occupied by American forces after World War II, the USA could have ruled Japan with an iron hand and crushed them for generations. Instead, a very wise and far-seeing policy begun by General MacArthur and continued by later US administrations rebuilt Japan and transformed it into a modern, prosperous nation. Given the intense combat of World War II and the fact that Japan had started the war with its surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor, the outcome could have easily been otherwise. This wise and merciful policy of the victorious USA toward Japan has left Japan with a multi-generational “debt of honor” to the USA. Japan’s Bushido tradition will see to it that this debt of honor is returned. Japan knows how harsh and cruel its fate would have been if it had been occupied by Chinese or Russian troops after World War II. Japan has deeply learned which nation it can trust, and Japan knows how cruel will be its fate if China and Russia win World War III. I believe the post-War relationships between the USA and Japan were Divinely-guided as it was God’s intention, as prophesied in Ezekiel 38, that these nations would be allies at the end of this age. Therefore, God guided the policies of Gen. MacArthur and the USA to be favorable toward Japan so his prophecy would be fulfilled. I trust Japan’s alliance with the USA and the West, and Americans are honored to have Japan as a faithful ally.
In the third link below, I find more evidence of a growing link between India, the USA and the Israelis in an unusual source. This is a Pakistani news link, sent to me by a reader in Norway. I offer this link with a disclaimer. It is anti-Israeli, anti-Indian and I clearly intend no endorsement of the content and links at this site; however, it has an interesting item in it indicating that then Pakistanis see that political-military ties between the USA, India and the Israelis are growing. This makes sense as all are threatened by the military build-ups in China and Iran as well as by terrorist threats emerging from within Pakistan. The Pakistani site alleges that there is growing cooperation between the intelligence services of India, the USA and the Israelis in the Pakistani-Afghan region. I find that observation believable. India has cultivated as positive a relationship with Afghanistan as it can to keep Pakistan from focusing all of its military and intelligence resources eastward upon India. Many media reports have indicated that American-Pakistani relations are steadily fraying, and the recent internal strife in Pakistan indicates the outwardly pro-western government in Pakistan has only a tenuous hold on the nation. The Pakistani Taliban are growing more powerful and are allied with the Taliban in Afghanistan. If the USA had no troops way out on a limb in Afghanistan and it did not need a supply line to them across Pakistan, the Pakistani-American relationship might have already severed. Its likely only a matter of time until this happens. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that “Cush” will be part of the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis which attacks the western nations in the latter days, and the name of “Cush” is linked to both Pakistan and Afghanistan as the Hindu Kush Mountains are astride both nations.
Finally, the fourth link reports that India has launched another satellite for the Israelis into space (a previous one was launched in January by India for the Israelis).  I think it is safe to say that the Israelis will be sharing the sensitive information received from this “eye in the sky” with the Indian intelligence agencies as the sophisticated satellite peers over Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China and the Indian Ocean. This type of close military/intelligence indicates that an advanced degree of cooperation exists between India and the Israelis (the house of Judah in the modern world).
The Bible’s prophecies continue to be amazingly, literally fulfilled in today’s geopolitical events. Obviously, for prophecies that were written down millennia ago to come to pass with striking accuracy today, there has to be a Divine Creator Being who is actively fulfilling these prophecies in the modern world. Fulfilled prophecies are a “smoking gun” proof of the reality and soveirgnty of the Bible’s God, but the world doesn’t care because it ignores the Bible. Therefore, as these prophecies are fulfilled, the Wise (who understand the Bible) will grasp what is occurring in world events. Those who reject, or are ignorant of, the Bible will be in the category of the “blind leading the blind.”