Hello Steve!

I read your articles with great interest but as a Dutchman I have a strong opinion that the sons of Issakar are the Frisians, from the Netherlands via Germany till Denmark you can find them. Please “google” on Frisians and Issakar and you will be surprised. Please if you find time comment on it. Your Gog and Magog studies are very interesting, thanks.

Greetings from The Netherlands, Rolf BLS de Jong
Thanks for your information and your interest in my prophetic material. Keep in mind that my books do not assert that everyone in a particular nation linked to one of the latter days tribes of Israel has to be a member of that tribe. Many of the tribes of Israel had various clans or subgroups go into exile at different times, so not all tribes migrated in homogeneous, contiguous groups throughout history. My books attempt to identify the dominant tribes of Israel that are linked to particular modern nations. I believe the Netherlands’ location on a seacoast, its possession of a huge seaport and much of its land being a “haven” from the sea via the Dutch system of dikes fulfills the prophecy about Zebulon in Genesis 49:13 better than any other nation. However, you are not the first person to propose a different tribal origin for the Frisians, and you may be right in that assertion.  I also think that Finland, the classic European “buffer” state which is “between two burdens,” most fulfills the prophecy for Issachar in Genesis 49:14.
Steve Collins