This post is to notify readers of developments in the Mideast which are increasing the chances of a war in the Mideast between Iran and Israel. You will notice that all my media links are from a single Jewish news source, something unusual for my blogging habits. However, I think readers should be alerted to this situation, which is receiving little or no coverage in the establishment media.

Iran and Israel are moving closer to war. The first link reports that Iran claims to have missiles which can strike Israel and which Israel cannot intercept. Since Iran has stated its intention is to “wipe Israel off the map,” this is very serious. The link also reports that Iran, according to international inspectors, is now refining uranium to 84% purity, very close to the 90% level needed to make nuclear weapons. I think we can also safely assume that Iran never allows international inspectors to visit and test its most advanced nuclear facilities, so it is entirely possible Iran is already making uranium that has 90% purity levels. In an unprecedented development, the first link also reports that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet is now “likely to grant approval for strikes vs Iran” if Netanyahu and his Defense Minister ask for such backing. Importantly, the link adds that Israel’s opposition parties are also likely to support military strikes vs Iran. This means war between Iran and Israel is truly close.

The second link reports the oft-stated policy of the Israeli government that it is not  bound by any agreements that the USA or other nations make with Iran, and the third link offers an analysis of how the Biden administration’s weak policies are making war more likely. Israel has made it very clear to the international community that nothing they say or do vis-à-vis Iran in any way binds or affects Israel’s military options vs Iran.

In a related development, Israel also has declared it is prepared to intercept hypersonic missiles which may be fired at Israel (fourth link). It is also clear that if Israel strikes Iran, the Islamic nations will be divided in their response to such an attack. Morocco is now on very good terms with Israel (fifth link), a result of the Abraham Accords process of the Trump administration. Some Islamic Sunni nations may help Israel’s strike vs. Shiite Iran which also threatens the Sunni nations. Some will condemn the Israeli strike, but will take no action to oppose it.

The threat from Iran must be nearing a dire state that Israel has publicly stated that there is an imminent possibility of a preemptive attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities. Israel surely realizes that if Israel attacks Iran, Iran could order its proxies, Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria, to fire thousands of Iranian-supplied rockets and missiles from Lebanon, Syria and Gaza vs. Israeli targets. Such a mass attack will severely test the capability of Israel’s multi-layered missiles-defense systems. Israel also has to consider Iran’s ability to cripple Israel with missiles carrying conventional warheads. If Iran’s missiles hit Israeli electric power plants and water desalinization facilities with conventional warheads, Israel will be greatly crippled. This means Israel may have no choice but to strike Iran due to its missile attack abilities, not just its nuclear capabilities.

If Israel does attack Iran’s military facilities to protect Israel from annihilation, expect much of the world press to condemn Israel. Also expect prominent politicians to say something like “no one could have expected such an action” even though that will be an obvious lie. The links cited in this post make it obvious an Israeli attack could come anytime. The world’s governments have been put on notice that Israel will not allow itself to be annihilated or crippled. It may have a very narrow window of opportunity to strike first. At some point, Iran will launch an attack when it thinks such an attack could succeed.

Matthew 24:6 prophesies that “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the latter days of our age. While details of some of the major wars of the latter days are discussed in prophecies such as Ezekiel 38-39, Joel 2, Daniel 11:40-45, Revelation 16:12-16 and Revelation 19:11-20:4, we should not assume the Bible offers details about every latter-day war which will occur. Various local or regional wars could also occur (such as the current Russian war against Ukraine). A latter-day war between Israel (“Judah”) and its surrounding enemies is strongly inferred in Zephaniah 2:1-11 and Zechariah 12:1-9 and explicitly prophesied in Zechariah 14 at the very end of our age. Victories by modern Judah (the Israelis) are predicted in these prophecies as well as in the more general latter-day prophecy about Judah in Genesis 49:1, 8-9.

If a war between Israel and Iran and its proxies breaks out, you should not be surprised. Keep in mind there is no moral equivalency here between Israel and Iran. Israel has no desire to wipe Iran off the map nor have they threatened any such thing. It is Iran which is pushing for a war of annihilation vs Israel, which Israel has every right to oppose with whatever measures it deems necessary. If anyone doubts whether the modern Israelis are the “Judah” of the Bible’s latter day prophecies, I invite them to read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah (sixth link).