The Israelis have just taken delivery of a fourth, ultra-modern, German-made submarine which is expected to be fitted with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles as soon as it is fully operational. While it has been transferred from German to Israeli control, it will undergo several months of the usual sea-trials and tests that are standard procedures for all new warships.
This new submarine can stay underwater a very long time and reportedly has both “visible and invisible” abilities. Does this mean it has completely unexpected capabilities or does it mean that it incorporates new “invisibility” technologies in either its hull or its weaponry? That comment is not explained, but it leaves the nations guessing. While the Germans are making the Israeli submarines, the Israelis are making the nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, which are expected to have a 1500 kilometer range. This will be Israel’s fourth Dolphin-class super-sub and if they all have similar missiles, it means they can be stationed in the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea or even the Persian Gulf, putting virtually all Arab and Iranian cities, military bases and nuclear facilities within range of Israeli missiles. Israel also can deliver nuclear warheads via Jericho ICBMs and via long-range warplanes.
The world does not appreciate how powerful the Israeli military really is. If its enemies are ever stupid enough to provoke an all-out war with Israel, Israel can annihilate entire nations within hours if it opts to do so. Israel could end Egypt as a functioning nation for generations by simply exploding the Aswan Dam with a nuclear warhead. The dam would release a torrent of radioactive floodwater which would render Egypt’s arable land along the Nile River useless for at least a generation. One nuclear missile targeted at Turkey’s Ataturk Dam would render all Arab lands dependent on the Euphrates River equally radioactive and useless. All Arab/Moslem capitals will survive as long as Israel chooses to let them live. That is simply a fact.
Isaiah 19:16-17 foretells that “Judah [the Israelis/Jews] will be a terror to Egypt”…”in that day” [a biblical reference to the end of our age]. I think Egypt’s ruling military council realizes the fact of Israel’s total military superiority and is trying to keep the radical Islamic factions from taking power in Egypt as those radical groups don’t think in the real world and could bring about the extinction of Egypt if they assumed power. Isaiah 17 foretells Damascus will become a “ruinous heap” in language that portends a latter-day fulfillment. If Syria and Hezbollah launch a war vs. the Israelis, and especially if WMD warheads are used against Israeli targets (chemical/bacteriological weapons), Israel would have every right to use nuclear weapons on Damascus, the Hezbollah bases and every other Syrian facility that can make war against Israel. The press is full of media stories about the Iranian threats to Israel’s existence. I think Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other Arab nations realize their national survival effectively depends on good relations with the Israelis, even though the “Arab Street” doesn’t realize this fact. They also realize the Israelis are an immensely-valuable ally of theirs against Iran. After being an ally of Israel and a faithful NATO member, Turkey is increasingly an enemy of Israel and an undependable NATO ally as it is now led by an Islamic leader who tends to radical beliefs. Kamal Ataturk would roll over in his grave if he could see how Turkey has forsaken his secular, Islamic heritage.
Israel’s Netanyahu’s hand to act decisively has never been stronger now that he heads a new coalition with absolute power in the Knesset. As my books on the tribes of Israel point out, Genesis 49:8-10 prophesy that the Israelis (“Judah”) will be powerful like a young lion in the latter days. God has brought that prophesy to pass. The Moslem nations around Israel are much bigger than Israel, but they are far weaker militarily. They are like jackals that are baiting a resting lion. If they ever fully anger the Israeli lion into all-out war, entire Moslem nations will cease to exist or be rendered useless as nations.
The facts about Israel’s fourth super-sub can be found in the links below. Indeed, Israel is going to become even stronger militarily in the future. Germany is building Israel’s 5th and 6th super-subs already. This Israeli-German partnership indicates a much stronger alliance between these nations than is being acknowledged. It also shows the Germans have not forgotten how to build some of the world’s best U-boats. I wonder how many they are building for their own navy? Cooperation can go both ways. If a global crisis threatens Germany in the future, The Israelis could quickly transfer some of their nuclear-tipped cruise missiles to Germany for use on German subs if the Israelis choose to do so.|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE