Many readers are, I think, familiar with Israel’s new ‘”Iron Dome” anti-missile system which is a short-range missile defense system. It was used with considerable success in the recent missile attacks launched against Israeli targets by Hamas from Gaza. The Israelis also have a long-range missile defense system, called the Arrow system, which is designed to intercept missiles fired vs. Israel at a long distance from Israel.
The new “David’s Sling” system is designed to intercept medium-range missiles fired at Israel and also to be a back-up missile-defense system against any long-range missiles fired at Israel which make it through the Arrow defense system. The new David’s Sling system was successfully tested a few months ago, and it appears likely that it will be operational prior to its original 2014 planned date to go on-line.
The first link and second link will give readers an American and an Israeli media perspective on the new David’s Sling missile-defense system. The second link states that there could be as many as 200,000 missiles of all kinds already pointed at the Israelis so the Israelis have every motivation to prepare for whatever is fired at them.
Of course, the Israelis also have offensive missile capabilities. They have the Jericho ballistic missile system which has recently been upgraded to a Jericho-3 missile which can reach targets in Iran, Russia and Pakistan with three nuclear warheads per missile (see third link). The archaic Jericho-1s have reportedly been retired, but the Jericho-2 ballistic missiles, capable of carrying a single nuclear warhead, are still in service. Also, previous posts have reported that Israel has a growing fleet of German-made, state-of-the-art submarines which are believed to carry both conventional and nuclear warheads on their cruise missiles which can be fired at any target. Any nation crazy enough to attack the Israelis in a large war may find itself annihilated by the retaliatory capability of the Israeli missile systems. That doesn’t even include the nuclear and conventional bombs which can be dropped by the Israeli Air Force.
Clearly, the Israelis are determined to survive and win any large-scale war in the Mideast. Genesis 49:8-9 and Zechariah 12 (prophecies about “Judah” in the latter days) indicate God is guaranteeing their survival in any war that does break out. That is a terrific guarantee to have!