As some readers no doubt realize, the Israelis have several ultra-modern, German-made submarines in their naval fleet. It has been widely assumed that the Israelis have adapted these submarines to fire cruise missiles armed with either conventional or nuclear warheads. It is now reported that the Israeli naval has obtained two more of these ultra-modern German submarines.

The first link, from an Israeli source ( reports that the Israelis have taken delivery of “at least one of two Dolphin-class U212 submarines,” but it acknowledges reports that two such submarines have actually been received. If two have been received, it will give the Israelis five such ultra-modern submarines that can carry nuclear-tipped missiles. What is especially noteworthy is that German Chancellor Angela Merkel apparently personally intervened to have the subs delivered to Israel a year ahead of schedule and pre-equipped to handle cruise missiles. This German-Israeli cooperation is illustrative of how radically alliances can change when viewed via a long-term historical viewpoint. Just seven decades ago, the Nazis were trying to eliminate the Jews from the face of the earth. Today, German Teutonic industrial efficiency is making nuclear-capable submarines for the Jewish Navy to counter Iran, the current nation which wants to “wipe Israel off the face of the map.”

The second link includes a photo of one of the Israeli subs in a German dry-dock, and reports Israel has just received two such vessels. It is noteworthy that the link cites Germany’s belief that it has a special debt to the Jewish people because of the Holocaust years, and donated two such modern subs to the Israelis and split the cost of the third sub previously delivered. A very worthy gift, indeed, and a most wise one on the part of Germany.

The second link also reports that the range of the cruise missiles carried on the Israeli subs is 4,500 kilometers or 2,810 miles. I just checked a map atlas and confirmed that this would enable the Israeli navy to launch salvos of nuclear-tipped cruise missiles at any target in Iran while they were stationed far out in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. I think the Iranian military staff (and all other nations on earth) can figure this out as well. These submarines also give the Israelis a kind of “doomsday defense” weapon. Even if the Israeli nation was wiped out (which Zechariah 12 and 14 categorically prophesy will not happen), these Israeli subs would be able to rain nuclear weapons on any nation responsible for such an attack on Israeli soil. Indeed, these subs give the Israelis an effective means to attack Iranian nuclear facilities in a first strike (a fact I pointed out months ago in a blog at my website). The Israelis are actually capable of attacking Iranian nuclear sites without sending any warplanes.

Both the first two links also point out that one of these Dolphin subs passed through Egypt’s Suez Canal recently, not only with Egypt’s permission but with Egyptian naval vessels as escorts. This is very significant as it signals to Iran that Egypt and Israel are making common cause against Iran. By permitting Israeli nuclear-capable subs to pass through the Suez Canal, Iran was warned that Israeli nuclear-firing subs can be stationed in the Arabian Sea very quickly so they are ready to hit Iran at any time. I do not doubt that there are one or two such Israeli subs on station in the Arabian Sea at this very moment.

These actions give further support to a viewpoint that Sunni Moslem/Arab nations are seeing that Iran is a very dangerous enemy which threatens both the Israelis and all Sunni Moslem nations. Yesterday’s blog noted that Jordan announced that it will build six new nuclear reactors (quite close to Israel’s military weaponry). If the Sunni Arab/Moslem nations have already made a secret deal behind closed doors to work together with Israel against Iran, these Arab nuclear reactors may have been deliberately located very close to Israeli territory so Israel’s anti-missile network can help defend them in the future. Today’s blog confirms that Egypt and Israel are working more closely together than ever before, so my suggestion may not be far-fetched.

A final thought. It has been estimated by global military authorities that the Israelis have between 200-300 nuclear weapons. Do the math folks. If the Israeli submarines can fire nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, it means the Israelis have been busy building many more tactical nuclear warheads small enough to fit on a submarine-launched cruise missile. They just received two more submarines pre-equipped to fire cruise missiles built to Israeli specifications. If I recall correctly, the estimates that the Israelis had 200-300 nuclear warheads were made prior to the Israeli acquisition of the Dolphin submarines. I’ll bet the Israelis now have 400-500 nuclear warheads after building an inventory of tactical nuclear warheads that can be fired from submarines. Knowing the utilitarian efficiency of the Israeli war-planners, I’ll bet those tactical nuclear weapons for the Israeli Navy are interoperable with the Israeli Air Force and can also be fired from cruise missiles carried on Israeli warplanes as well. If the Israeli Air Force cruise missiles have the same range as the Israeli Navy’s cruise missiles, it means that the Israelis can strike anywhere in Iran with cruise missiles launched from Israeli warplanes flying over Tel Aviv (or over eastern Jordan or Northern Saudi Arabia). I’m sure Russia has also “done the math” and noticed that lots of Russian targets are within range of Israeli cruise missiles fired from Israeli subs sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. In Genesis 49:8-9, God prophesied that in the latter days, he would make Judah (the Jews) like a “young lion” that is well-able to attack its prey. God has fulfilled this prophecy as well.

For more details about these powerful Israeli submarines, check out the information in the third link.