Steven Collins
December 16, 2007
An article in the authoritative Aviation Week Magazine reports that Israeli electronic warfare abilities have progressed far beyond what the Israelis can even openly acknowledge. The article (see link below) states that “…a sophisticated network attack and electronic hacking capability is an operational part of the Israel Defense Forces’ arsenal of digital weapons.” Although Israelis are “hobbled by the restrictions of secrecy and diplomacy,” their officials “…confirm that network invasion, information warfare and electronic attack are part of Israel’s defense capabilities.”
The article examines the successful Israeli raid on a Syrian nuclear facility in September as evidence of Israeli electronic warfare abilities. The Syrian anti-aircraft defense system, supplied by Russia and China, was thought by those nations to be a state-of-the-art system which could not be defeated by western air forces. The Israeli aerial raid proved otherwise. The article also hinted that the Israeli attack succeeded in spite “of Chinese and Russian advisory groups operating in Syria.”  This seems very likely, and it must have been a shock to the Russian and Chinese technicians to see their latest anti-aircraft systems defeated so easily by Israeli aircraft. This raid served as a warning not only to the Syrians and Iranians that Israeli warplanes can penetrate their air space successfully, but it also sent an unspoken warning to Russia and Communist China that their air defenses are also vulnerable to the military technology of western nations. Given that Russia, China and Iran (the eastern alliance named in Ezekiel 38’s prophecy) have been rapidly militarizing and coordinating their military planning, the Israeli raid showed the “eastern alliance” that the “nations of the West” are not so weak as they had supposed.
In an earlier blog, this author wondered whether the Israeli raid indicated that the western nations have developed an “invisibility” cloak for a new model of western warplanes. This was based on a barely-reported public revelation by the British military (soon after the Israeli raid) that such an invisibility cloak was already being developed for surface weaponry like tanks. The British demonstration of this military technology could act as a surrogate example of the USA has developed with the mega-billions of dollars which have been spent on “black” military projects not known to the public or to the world (see archives of this blog for that commentary). This Aviation Week report provides a simpler explanation for the “surprise” western ability to penetrate Russian-Chinese air defense systems: that the Israelis (and the West) possess electronic warfare systems far more advanced that Russia and China had expected. It is always a good strategy to keep the enemy guessing about what capabilities you have. The western nations have now given the eastern alliance two possible explanations for the success of the Israeli raid on Syria. Even if the western nations have developed superior weaponry, such weaponry will provide not a whit of deterrence unless potential enemies know that they exist. The Israeli raid on Syria revealed to the eastern alliance that superior western weaponry does, in fact, exist. This will buy the western nations some deterrence in the face of rapid military expansions by Russia, China and Iran. However, the demonstration of such superior weapons systems will spur even more-intense Russian and Chinese spying on western companies in order to determine what these superior technologies are.
As readers of my books, articles and blogs know, biblical prophecy has accurately predicted the current alignment of alliances in the modern world. Russia, China, Iran and their allies were foreordained to be allies in an eastern alliance in the latter days of this age. Also prophesied in the Bible was the NATO alliance of European and English-speaking nations together with such allies as the Israelis, Japan, the “young tigers” of the Pacific Rim and perhaps even India. These alliances are understandable once one realizes which modern nations are being referenced in biblical prophecies utilizing the ancient names of these modern nations. Isaiah 19:7, Genesis 49:8 and Zechariah 12:6 all prophecy that the Israelis (“Judah”) will be a terror to Egypt and to the other nations in their Mideastern region. This prophecy was fulfilled during the Israeli wars against surrounding nations in 1948, 1956, 1967 and 1973. The unexpectedly-successful Israeli raid into Syria also just helped fulfill that prophecy.
Bible prophecy has accurately predicted modern world events, and it can also be relied upon to accurately predict the future of nations because the Creator God who inspired the Bible is in control of the nations. However, few leaders and people on earth know about, or have faith in, Bible prophecy. If you are one of those who has “eyes and ears” which are open to biblical prophecy, be thankful that you have been so blessed!