Dear Steve,

Ref. Origins & Empire p.226 Ten commandments found in Ohio and New Mexico but written at different times .. but both groups seem to be following major rivers and somehow surviving major Indian attacks. Following Rivers seems to stay the same but did one group know that someone else had followed the other rivers or did they mark the mouths of the rivers so no one else would explore them or probably .. did they put the rivers down on fur maps with a copy for the ship and a copy for back home. Did the ships wait for them to come back and some sank? Not having women with them they died out in New Mexico but the Ohio group could have had women with them? Would they have taken native wives and taught their faith to their American families including writing skills. Has anyone taken the Israel sites and looked at the DNA of the Indians living close at hand? Would the Levi chromosome show or did the priests even come on such an endeavor? Did the success of the America
 n East Coast result in more explorations? Some divinity school should undertake this study and get a doctors degree based on their investigations. Really like your first book .. will get into the rest soon.




Dear Bob,
Glad you liked the first book in my series on the history of the ten tribes.
You are correct that the Ten Commandments has been found on artifacts in New Mexico and Ohio, but the artifacts were inscribed at different times. The New Mexico inscription is in Paleo-Hebrew which would include the time of King Solomon, but the Ohio inscription is not in Paleo-Hebrew and dates to a time centuries more recent than the New Mexico inscription. It makes sense that explorers and settlers from Old World civilizations would follow the navigable rivers of North America to inland locations. As you will see in my second book, the Greeks recorded that the Carthaginians dominated North America but the Greeks had learned enough from the Carthaginians that they knew North America had mountain ranges and large navigable rivers flowing through a fertile plains region.
I believe the Israelites had rather permanent colonies of workers (with their families) in ancient North America during David and Solomon’s reigns. Other Old World settlers also set up well-situated colonies to exploit North America’s natural resources. When the Kingdom of Israel and other Old World civilizations fell, their colonies in the New World would be “on their own” if the regular resupply ships stopped arriving. They would have to make their own future in the New World and some of these various colonies became the founding units of later American Indian tribes. Some Indian tribes had oral histories that their ancestors came from across the “great water” (the Atlantic Ocean), and I believe those oral histories were accurate.
Some of your suggested research projects would be interesting undertakings, but politically-correct Darwinism has so taken hold in modern academia that few institutions would be willing to take on projects that would tend to confirm biblical narratives.