I have a question I need you to answer please…I was one of the people that use to believe that Europe would unite into a super power and attack the united states and England ect..and you know the rest..I have been reading your blog and have learned so much…and now know that belief was way out there…my question is where does these people get there ideas from the bible? I have looked and looked and can not find one thing that says that God is going to let Israelites attack other Israelites…It makes no sense to me…its almost waky..not to be rude to anyone who believes that…but when you read what the bible truly says about the Gog-Magog attack on the HOUSE of Israel not just certain “BAD” Israelite countries…If you used that logic like they do…Th U.S.A is much more nice then Europe it gives more it takes most of the stress of the world o its back…it feeds 40% of the world that depends o are food aid…and we have much more morals then does euro
 pe…If anyone has been there lately you would see what I mean…so my questin to you is 1 where do there get that 2 why do they ignore the bibles verses on the Gog-Magog war with the house of israel?and 3 why do they think that the europen counties will be the punisher of the united states?i saw a blog you wrote on this suject once before a good wile back but I do not see it anymore is it still one here?thanks ttyl.
summer K

Thanks for your question. I’m certainly familiar with the old prophetic dogma that a “United States of Europe” would become a militaristic world power and wage war on the USA, UK and other nations. I can’t specifically answer where the teachers of that doctrine ever got that concept because it isn’t anywhere in the Bible. Latter-day prophecies do not predict any “civil war” between “good” Israelite tribes and “bad” Israelites tribes. Jeremiah 30 prophesies that “Jacob’s Trouble” will befall all the tribes of Israel (including Judah) in the latter days (see verses 3-7, 24). Ezekiel 38 prophesies the “house of Israel” (all the nations of the modern ten tribes of Israel) will be attacked at the same time by the Gog-Magog alliance in the “latter days” (Ezek. 38:8, 16). Genesis 49 is a prophecy about all the ten tribes in the latter days and it says nothing about any war among the Israelite tribes at the end of this age. The people who concocted the idea of a European attack vs. the USA and UK at the end of this age falsely assumed that Germany would “rise again” and remilitarize after World War II. That never happened. Also, they took obscure scriptures out of context and forced their dogmas into those scriptures. The clear, latter-day prophecies make it obvious all the tribes of Israel will be on the same side at the end of this age when the Gog-Magog attack occurs.