The first link reports that the Israelis are apparently preparing to cut their nation off from US military financial aid. This strong hint came from Moshe Arens, a former Israeli Defense Minister. The link cites the “trillions of dollars”‘ of US debt as a major reason for Israel becoming independent of US military aid. Obviously, the Israelis are seeing the growing likelihood of a major US financial crisis occurring which would force the end of US foreign aid programs of all types. Indeed, the Israelis likely see that the US government may be reaching the point where it cannot pay its own bills, much less give aid to any other nation. Given this impending situation, it is wise for the Israelis to make plans to “go it alone” and make new alliances and secure military ties with other nations. Israel has long benefited from US military aid, so this change of course, if implemented, would be a historic one for Israel. Israel’s navy already receives strong support and aid from Germany which has provided state-of-the-art Dolphin submarines for Israel. These subs are widely assumed to be capable of firing cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. However, Israel’s air force, which is composed of US warplanes, will be dependent on buying spare parts, upgrade packages, etc. from the USA for a long time.

Another unspoken reason for this action, I believe, is the growing unreliability of the USA as a military aid partner as long as Barack Obama is president. Obama has made no secret of his contempt for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, and was even caught on a live mike stating openly his strong animus toward Netanyahu in a conversation with the previous French leader. Also, with American aid come “strings” that could tie Israeli hands in dealing with the growing threat from Iran. Seeing Obama’s warming relations with the Iranians, the Israelis may be signaling that they want no ties to Washington that would limit their options in dealing with Iran.

It is evident in the second link that Iran hasn’t changed its intentions to wipe the Israelis off the map. A top Iranian general openly affirms that Iran is trying to isolate Israel and surround it with enemies who would act as proxies for Iran. Hezbollah is a strong such proxy force, and Hamas in Gaza seems to be acting in Iran’s interests as well. The statements of this Iranian general indicate the USA and the other western nations making a new agreement with Iran re: its nuclear program may be acting out of wishful thinking instead of a clear grasp of the facts. It is uncertain how successful any Iranian efforts will be in establishing similar proxy forces in Egypt, Jordan or Saudi Arabia. Those Sunni Moslem nations have lately been finding common cause with Israel in being threatened by Shiite Iran. Egypt’s new interim government has come down hard on Hamas in Gaza and the Jihadi groups now operating in the Sinai Peninsula.

Keep in mind that any shift in Israel away from its dependency on US military aid could be reversed quickly if a pro-Israeli American president becomes Obama’s successor. Israel also has God’s guarantee that he will defend the Israelis in the latter days even if all other nations on earth opposed it (Zechariah 12:1-3).