The Israelis have taken delivery of their fifth Dolphin submarine (first link), a state-of-the-art diesel submarine made by Germany. Germany has become a very key ally of the Israelis in increasing the power of the Israeli strategic forces. The Dolphin submarines are widely-believed to be capable of carrying both conventional and nuclear cruise missiles as well as sophisticated torpedoes.
The second link offers background information on the deployment of the Dolphin submarines into the Israeli navy, and reports that they can be used to insert Israeli commandoes on various missions as well as operate with an unusually long-range capability for diesel submarines. It also reports that these submarines have ten forward torpedo launchers and that several of them are adapted for firing medium-range cruise missiles from a submerged location. Interestingly, it suggests that the testing of this submerged-launching capability was done in concert with India, which may be developing the same capability for its new class of indigenously-made submarines.
A thought occurred to me when I learned of the launching of the fifth Israeli Dolphin submarine. Since it is widely-assumed that all the Dolphin subs have both conventional and nuclear-tipped cruise missiles, it means that the Israelis have to be able to produce a significant number of new, appropriately-shaped and fitted nuclear warheads for each of these new submarines. How many nukes does each sub carry? This begs the question: How many nuclear warheads can the Israeli nuclear plant at Dimona produce each year? The entire world knows about the Israeli nuclear plant at Dimona. If there is ever an all-out war with Hezbollah and/or Iran and Syria, the Dimona facility would be targeted by a lot of enemy missiles. Israel surely knows this and has, no doubt, concentrated a lot of defensive weaponry around the Dimona facility.
However, there is a common maxim: “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” The Israelis apparently have all their nuclear-warhead producing capability in one “basket”–the Dimona plant. It would have been most wise for the Israelis to have built years ago a second nuclear-weapons producing facility that would remain ultra-secret while the Dimona plant would remain an above-ground and very visible target. I’m sure many global analysts with skills far beyond mine can extrapolate how much plutonium the Dimona plant can produce in one year and then also extrapolate how much plutonium was needed for the estimated number of Israeli warheads deployed in their Dolphin subs, on their Jericho missiles and on their air-dropped bombs or air-launched cruise missiles. Can the Dimona plant produce all these nukes on its own or does the existence of so many Israeli nuclear warheads presume a second source for Israeli plutonium to make so many nuclear warheads in so many sizes and configurations? Is there a second nuclear plant somewhere which provides a back-up source of plutonium for Israeli warheads or does Israel clandestinely obtain additional supplies of plutonium from somewhere else on the world market? Maybe the Dimona plant can meet all of the Israeli needs for nuclear warheads. However, if that is the only Israeli source for plutonium, the Israelis are taking a huge risk by “putting all their [nuclear-producing] eggs in one basket.”
The Israeli Dolphin subs are a derivative of what Germany calls its U209 submarine for export. Germany exports this basic submarine to a number of nations. While the Dolphin subs are surely manufactured to meet unique Israeli needs, it is worth noting that Germany agreed last year to sell two of these U209 submarines to Egypt (third link). Israel protested that decision, and one does wonder what will become of those two subs (presumably under construction in Germany) if the nation of Egypt stays in state of unpredictable chaos. 
Genesis 49 offers prophetic clues regarding the locations or characteristics of each of the tribes of Israel in the latter day just before the end of this age. The prophecy about Judah is found in verses 8-12. Among other things, it prophesies that Judah (the Jews) will be like a “lion’s whelp” (a lion cub). A lion cub is a young and small lion, but it has the fierceness and toughness of a lion in it. The Israeli nation is a young and small nation, but it has exhibited in its wars and actions the ferocity of a lion. This prophecy fits the Israeli nation perfectly, confirming that God is guiding modern Judah’s destiny even as he is guiding the destinies and locations of all the other tribes of Israel (as is well-documented in my books about their histories, migrations and modern locations). These books are available at the homepage of my website. You can also listen to the main bullet-points re: the history of the ten tribes of Israel by listening to some of the free audio messages at the “Speeches” tab at the top of the website’s homepage.