Israel is taking delivery of its fourth state-of-the-art German-made submarine (first link). The Dolphin-class submarines are gradually entering service in the Israeli navy and the fifth such submarine is due to be delivered by the Germans to Israel in 2015. The new submarine features systems and weapons upgrades not installed in the first three submarines. It is widely believed that the Israeli submarines are capable of firing cruise missiles as well as performing many types of tactical missions.

The second link offers details about the capabilities of these Israeli submarines, and includes several pieces of very interesting information. It includes an item that I thought was of special interest. It includes commentary that the Israelis tested a nuclear-capable cruise missile off the coast of Sri Lanka years ago, and it opines that the Israelis may have done so in cooperation with the Indian military.  It also reports that the Israeli submarines already in service have performed many operational missions and have been deployed “thousands of kilometers from Israel.” Israeli submarines have traversed the Suez Canal at times, as noted in a previous post. With Egypt and the Israelis cooperating closely again, it is likely that Israeli submarines enter the Red Sea via the Suez Canal and take up positions in the Arabian Sea where they can hit Iranian targets with cruise missiles and interdict Iranian shipping if either mission becomes necessary.

As the entire Mideast increasingly turns to chaos with wars raging in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and with Libya having disintegrated into warring factions, Israel obviously has a need to continue strengthening its military and security capabilities. Zechariah 14 prophesies the Israelis will be involved in a great war as this age comes to an end. However, Zechariah 14 also prophesies that Israel will be saved via Divine intervention. Zechariah 12 also prophesies that God guarantees the survival of the Jewish nation in the Mideast (called “Judah” in biblical terminology).

Genesis 49:8-10 contains a special prophecy for “Judah” in the latter days of this age (Genesis 49:1). Genesis 49:9 characterizes Judah as a “lion’s whelp” in the latter days and like a lion that takes prey. This terminology fits the Israelis perfectly.  A “lion’s whelp” is a lion cub or young lion, meaning the latter-day nation of Judah will be a young and small nation in the latter days–which it is. However, its characterization as a lion that takes prey means it will be powerful and strong despite its small size and its being a young nation. Those who desire a more in-depth examination of the link between the Israelis/Jews and the biblical term “Judah” can read my article, Four Reasons the Jews are Judah.