Perhaps many have thought that President Obama’s cozying-up to Iran’s new ruler meant that there was a lessened chance of a war in the Mideast. The World Tribune (see link) makes the opposite case: that Obama’s softened stance toward Iran means that an Israeli strike is more, not less, likely.
The link notes that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has “placed the international community on notice that Israel was preparing a military option to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons program.” In his recent address to the UN, Netanyahu stated that the world had a matter of “weeks” to see if Iran uses its “last opportunity” to come to a peaceful agreement to “dismantle Tehran’s nuclear weapons program.” The link cites a report stating that the world “will not be able to respond with surprise when Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear sites.”
This link opines that an Israeli attack against Iran would be conducted with warplanes, Jericho ballistic missiles and electronic warfare options. I would also add that Israel may also fire cruise missiles at Iranian sites from its Dolphin-class submarines. It also warns that such an attack could result in a mass missile attack against Israel by Hezbollah which is based in southern Lebanon. If this occurs, the report warns the Israelis will respond with a “devastating” air attack “using new weapons systems” (which are undefined) and a “lightning ground invasion of southern Lebanon.” I do believe that if Hezbollah attacks Israel, Netanyahu will try to annihilate Hezbollah altogether. Israel may again occupy southern Lebanon to eliminate the Hezbollah threat.
An Israeli attack upon Iran could quickly draw the USA into the war anyway if Iran carries out its past threat to attack US facilities and/or military targets in the Mideast if Israel attacks Iran. Obama’s cozying-up to Iran’s new leader may actually hasten the very war that Obama may not want.
Matthew 24:6-7 warned that “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the latter days of this present age on earth. Currently, the possibility of a Mideast war is a “rumor of war.” Time will tell if this develops into a hot war. If it occurs and it develops into a wider war, it will affect all financial, commodity and monetary markets worldwide as well as risk drawing many other nations into the conflict.
This is a major risk—the severity of which I think many underestimate. The unforeseen ramifications may be far broader than anyone can now foresee. We must recall that Iran has threatened to “wipe Israel off the map,” and they are, apparently, very close to having the nuclear weapons which could do exactly that. The Israelis do not have the luxury of waiting until the last minute to wait for Iran to develop the means to annihilate Israel.