The Israeli military has deployed two new weapons systems in its ongoing efforts to defend itself from attacks by Iran and its Syrian, Hezbollah and Hamas proxies. The first new weapons system is very important, given that Hezbollah has been reported to have up to 60,000 rockets and missiles to fire at Israeli targets in any new war. The Israelis have successfully tested and will be deploying “in the coming weeks” its new Iron Dome anti-missile system which is designed to intercept and shoot down the many short-range missiles that are in the arsenals of Hezbollah and Hamas. The first link below is not clear whether the Iron Dome system also works against longer-range missiles, but it does state that the system has made a successful test against a missile which fit the profile of a “longer range Grad-model Katyusha” rocket. Israeli citizens will sleep much better with this new anti-missile system in place.

The second link reveals that the Israelis have developed a new form of nanotechnology-based paint which, when applied to the surface of “regular” warplanes and missiles, renders them into “stealth” weapons without having to alter their airframes or designs. This is a huge development. It could make, for example, Iranian radars unable to detect Israeli warplanes or missiles until it is too late to defend against attacks from Israeli warplanes or missiles equipped with this new “stealth” paint. It also could be a huge money-maker for the Israeli defense industry. If nations can convert older-model warplanes, missiles, etc. into stealthy weaponry by using this new Israeli nanotechnology-based paint, it revolutionizes the war-fighting capabilities of many nations. It also would mean that nations could “make do” with their old warplanes without having to purchase expensive new, stealth aircraft. The link also reports that this new technology can be used to make ground forces more “stealthy” as well.

Given the extensive spying efforts of Russia and China, the Israelis will need to be very careful regarding the nations which are allowed to buy this new “stealth” paint. There are, no doubt, people in many nations who would be willing to give samples of this new stealth paint to Russian and Chinese spies for cash or “other considerations” if they have an opportunity to do so.

These links show that the likelihood of a successful Iranian-instigated attack by Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas against the Israelis seems to be lessening. A previous blog also documented that Syria, beset by drought and disease, is not in much of a condition to wage war against the Israelis even if the Iranians want them to do so.

The second link below also reveals that nanotechnology developments are leading to ever-more military applications. Several of my previous blogs have discussed the Chinese nanotechnology weapons programs which could become a new Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) which combines nanotechnology applications with human genome research. The possibilities are truly chilling, and those earlier (and related) blogs of mine are available at the third link below (a Google websearch result). Look for my blogs at the top of the page. If you click on the option which states “Show more results from,” you will have access to a number of related (and important items).

The Chinese and Israelis are known to be working on military applications for nanotechnology weaponry, and the Israelis are apparently ready to deploy a nanotechnology-based invention to make non-stealthy warplanes into stealthy ones. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what nanotechnology-based weapons have already been built and deployed by a number of national military forces in the world without those of us in the general public knowing anything about them.