The Israeli navy has deployed a remarkable new high-tech warship, apparently the “first-of-its-kind” in the world. It is an unmanned warship which still packs an incredible punch and is useful for reconnaissance missions as well. The link below reports that the new Israeli warship is called the “Protector SV” or “Death Shark.” Because it is unmanned it can be greatly reduced in size, which gives it such a small radar signature that it may be almost invisible to radar detection. Think how small a warship can be made when it does not need crew quarters, galleys, food and water supplies, etc.

This new Israeli warship has reportedly been deployed in the Persian Gulf already, and the Singapore navy has successfully tested it. India and South Korea are also interested in buying Israeli “Death Sharks.” Although small (just nine meters long), this ship packs an amazing array of weaponry and capacities. It can detect and destroy cruise missiles and aircraft, conduct surveillance of enemy shores and transmit real-time images, jam enemy electronic transmissions and it has its own radar and sonar systems.

In the most recent Hezbollah-Israeli war, a manned Israeli warship was heavily damaged by a Hezbollah cruise missile off the coast of Lebanon. One can see in that incident the motivation for building an unmanned warship with a very small radar profile. The “Death Shark” may have such a low radar profile that an enemy cruise missile may not be able to locate it.

The link below did not specify who is deploying the Israeli Death Sharks in the Persian Gulf, but I’d like to take a guess. Either it is the U.S. Navy or an Islamic Arab navy which is threatened by Iranian cruise missiles. Previous blogs have documented that Iran has amassed a large number of cruise missiles with which it could attack U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf if warfare breaks out between the USA and Iran. Previous blogs have also warned that the Iranians may have received “sizzler” supersonic cruise missiles from either Russia or China, Iran’s allies in the “Gog-Magog” alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to come into existence in the latter days of this age. The “sizzler” cruise missiles are designed to kill U.S. aircraft carriers, so the U.S. Navy has a very strong incentive to deploy extra defensive measures to protect its carriers and warships from Iranian cruise missiles. This is especially important because there is no way out of the Persian Gulf for warships other than the Straits of Hormuz. If Iran shuts the Straits of Hormuz, U.S. warships cannot get out of the Persian Gulf and they will survive only if they can continually defend themselves vs. Iranian cruise missiles, torpedoes, swarm attacks by small craft, etc. One can be sure that the U.S. Navy’s aircraft and USAF warplanes stationed in the Persian Gulf would be doing everything possible to destroy all cruise missile launching facilities on Iranian soil if war breaks out, but having these new Israeli “Death Sharks” deployed in the Persian Gulf would also give the U.S. Navy another layer of defense against Iranian cruise missiles. If they were deployed near Iranian shores, they could possibly shoot down “sizzler” supersonic cruise missiles soon after they were launched from Iranian batteries and before they could attain supersonic speed.

Three cheers to the Israelis for inventing this new type of very capable, but barely-detectable warship. Let’s hope the U.S. Navy is the Persian Gulf customer who has deployed Israeli “Death Sharks” to help protect U.S. warships. This new kind of warship also makes one wonder how many other nations will also soon develop and deploy such stealthy, but powerful warships.