A recent post discussed a mysterious drone which was shot down over the Negev desert in Israel. Very little has appeared in the establishment media about this event. In my recent post, I surmised that the drone likely originated with Iran/Hezbollah and that its target was the secretive Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona in the Negev desert.
Israeli sources have confirmed both the above conclusions. According to the links below, the drone entered Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea, but its point of origin may or may not have been Lebanon. Given the intensive Israeli radar monitoring that must exist in all directions at present, it seems hard for me to believe that Israeli sensors missed this drone the entire time it traveled from Lebanese airspace all the way down the Mediterranean coastline until it turned landward into the Negev desert.
This incident surely has sent notice from Iran to Israel that Israel’s Dimona facility will be targeted by Iran if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear facilities. However, was the purpose of the drone only to take a few pictures of the facility? The drone apparently got within ten miles of the Dimona facility before Israeli warplanes shot it down. Could not the Iranians have obtained satellite photos of Dimona from Russia or China?
Was the purpose of the drone mission simply to test Israeli response time to see how close the drone could get to Dimona before it was destroyed? If that was its purpose, the drone got very close to Dimona before being shot out of the sky. I’m sure the Israelis will make their air defenses more secure for the future. There is one other “wild card” possibility in the drone’s mission. Israel has deployed a very high-tech “Iron Dome” air-defense system to shoot down attacking planes and missiles. Perhaps Iran/Hezbollah hoped that Israel would utilize parts of its Iron Dome defense system to shoot down the drone so that hidden Iranian/Hezbollah sensors could learn information about the Iron Dome system’s capabilities (i.e. where were Iron Dome missiles based at and what was their speed of interception?). If that was the purpose of the drone’s mission, then it failed as Israel used regular warplanes to simply shoot it down. The drone apparently revealed none of the Iron Dome’s actual capabilities to Iran/Hezbollah.
However, readers should realize that this incident confirms that Iran/Hezbollah are preparing for war strikes vs. Israel when/if Israel launches an attack vs. Iran’s nuclear facilities. There is also the almost-never-discussed possibility that Iran may choose to strike first before any of its weaponry is lost in an initial Israeli and/or American attack. If that happens, the brown stuff could really “hit the fan.”