On August 6th, the Israelis purchased a massive amount of fuel supplies from the USA. Reportedly, they obtained over 400 million gallons of several grades of fuel, including fuel grades necessary for fighting a prolonged war. The link below notes that just a few days before this purchase was made, there was an attack against a Japanese oil tanker in the Straits of Hormuz (which was hushed up by the US government and apparently just about everyone else—perhaps to avoid panic in the oil and commodity markets).  The link notes that the Israelis are dependent on oil shipped via the Persian Gulf so it was clearly in the Israeli interest to stock up a major reserve of oil supplies in the event of a major Mideast war.

The link states that the attack vs. the Japanese oil tanker was perpetrated by “a Saudi terrorist who operates out of Iran under the orders of the Revolutionary Guards.” If this is correct, it means that Iran ordered this attack. It also states that this attack was an Iranian warning to the USA that Iran can shut down Persian Gulf oil shipments if there is a strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.

While Americans are preoccupied with sports, celebrity gossip and all kinds of fluff stories about nothing of much importance, the Mideast is still sliding inexorably toward war. The first attack against an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf has now already occurred, and the Israelis soon afterwards stocked up their oil reserves to have enough to fight a prolonged war if a Mideast War breaks out. Were you told about this on any mainstream media outlet?

It is still not certain if another major Mideast war will occur (in addition to the Iraqi War that is winding down and the Afghan War that Obama is ramping up). Matthew 24:6 warned of “wars and rumors of wars” in the latter days before the return of Jesus Christ. There have been “rumors of war” for several years now concerning the Iranian nuclear weapons program. It has not yet become an actual “war,” but logic dictates that the Israelis cannot allow Iran to have nuclear weapons when Iran has declared its intent to “wipe the Israelis off the map.” This situation is like a smoldering fire close to a lot of tinder. It wouldn’t take much to ignite it.

My thanks to an alert reader who sent me this link.