This post is to bring to the attention of readers that the Israelis are taking actions which indicate that a Mideast war between Israel and Iran looks more ineveitable. Other nations will almost surely be drawn into such a war.

The first link (below) reports that the Israeli nation is preparing its citizens to defend themselves against biological attacks. This is a critical step as some of the tens of thousands of missiles Hezbollah has now aimed at Israel could have biological weapons. Israel must do whatever it can to ensure that as many of its preople as possible survive such an attack. If any biological weaponry is used against the Israelis, expect the Israeli response to be one of all-out warfare against its enemies. Genesis 49:8-9 prophesy victories for “Judah” (the Israelis/Jews) in the latter days and Zechariah 12:1-3 gives God’s promise to defend Judah and Jerusalem in the latter days even if all nations of the world be gathered against it. Due to these prophcies, if a war breaks out in the Mideast, my bets (and prayers) will be on the side of the Israelis!

The second link reveals that a major Hezbollah munitions storage area with perhaps 100s of missiles in Lebanon was mysteriously blown up. Furthermore, this was the second major explosion at a major Hezbollah facility in Lebanon in the last few months. It would not surpise me if the Hezbollah munitions facility blown up held some of the most dangerous, long-range missiles in the Hezbollah inventory. The third link reports that the general heading the Iranian long-range missile program was mysteriously killed, along with many others, in an explosion in Iran. How many readers were aware of these events based on reports from the mainstream media? What these links argue is that a major effort is underway by Israel and/or America (and others) to delay the Iranian ability to build long-range missiles even if Iran does develop nuclear weapons, and that a low-level war is already occurring to limit the ability of Hezbollah to strike Israeli targets if war does break out. If anyone thinks these explosions at Iranian and Hezbollah weapons facilities are merely coincidental, I would suggest that they are candidates to buy some ocean-front land in Nebraska.

The fourth link shows the Great Powers are already taking actions to position their fleets for possible involvement in any Mideast war. The USA has sent two aircraft carriers into the Persian Gulf (with their supporting warships) to take up an aggressive possition off the coast of Iran while Russia has sent a flotilla of warships to take up position off the Syrian coast in the event the western powers attack Syria which is edging toward civil war (Russia and Iran support the Assad regime). This highlights how an Iranian-Israeli war could quickly involve many other nations.

The final link has an ominous message. It quotes the former head of the Israeli Mossad as saying that an Israeli attack on Iran may be necessary for Israeli survival whether the world community likes the idea or not. Indeed, it is my viewpoint that with Turkey and Egypt turing against Israel and with President Obama being the most anti-Israeli president ever to sit in the Oval Office, the chances of an Israeli strike of some kind against Iran are growing. If their list of allies is shrinking, the Israelis have increasingly less reason to delay their attack.

I’ll close with a comment on the prophecy in Zephaniah 2, the one which predicted the re-establishment of a Jewish nation in the Old Promised Land in the latter days. This prophecy was fulfilled in 1948. Verse 8 of that prophecy states that God “has heard the reproach of Moab and the reviling of Ammon, whereby they have…magnified themselves against their [Judah’s] border.” This is dramatically being fulfilled today. God gave modern Judah (the Israelis) their “borders” in the Promised Land in the latter days. The Palestinians and other nations are endlessly making demands upon the Israelis to give up even more land to their enemies. In other words, they are “magnifying themselves against [Judah’s] borders.” Verse 9-13 prophesy that God will see to it that those nations opposing Judah reap defeat and a bitter result for their efforts to shrink Judah’s borders ever further.