The danger level in the Mideast has risen significantly. Israeli warplanes attacked a chemical/bacteriological weapons production facility in Syria and even used a “bunker buster” bomb (almost certainly obtained from the USA) to penetrate through its outer defenses. The first link and second link relate the same facts, but the second one has a photo which illustrates what the attack would have looked like when the bunker buster detonated. Reportedly, there were many Iranians at the site and some Russians as well. Many of the Iranians died.
This attack was originally reported as an attack on a truck convoy, but that was apparently only a cover story. The Israeli intelligence had to be very good to pinpoint this hidden facility and the Israeli government obviously believed there was a grave threat to Israel in order to make this attack which killed many Iranians and perhaps some Russians as well. It seems evident that the Israelis feared the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) made at the site were about to be transferred to Hezbollah, which would definitely represent a dire threat to Israeli security. The third link reports that the Israeli air strike was confirmed by Lebanese radars.
The last link is an ominous warning from Iran to the USA that terrorist attacks are going to hit Washington, DC. That warning came prior to the report of the Israeli strike in Syria that killed many Iranians. If Iran’s threat was real, the loss of many Iranian lives in the Israeli air strike would only heighten the terror alert level in the USA, in general, and in Washington, DC, in particular. My recent post warned that Iranian death squads are already in America and could be unleashed at any time. Such an event would have most ominous consequences for America and Iran both. The USA would not stand idly by while Iranian terrorists were unleashed on US targets. This would almost surely result in an American strike on Iran as well.  
The Syrian civil war is entering a phase where it appears Assad’s government realizes it will never again rule all of Syria. Indeed, it may fall completely, which may have led to a decision to transfer the Iranian-Russian made WMD weaponry to Hezbollah. However, Russia is loathe to lose its naval base on Syria’s coast and Iran has sent many thousands of its forces to Syria to support Assad. It is possible that Assad may eventually yield almost all of Syria to the rebels and retain only a coastal strip under his titular rule even though it would essentially be an Iranian-Russian enclave. What will happen to the rest of Syria is anybody’s guess. Some of the rebels are aligned with Al-Queda radicals and others are more moderate, so they could end up fighting each other. Another possibility is that Turkey, Iraq and Jordan may all try to seize control over parts of Syria. Their right to do so is strengthened by the fact that they are sheltering hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees “who must be given military protection to resettle in Syria.” Jordan and Turkey are Sunni Moslem so the Sunni Moslem population of Syria would likely welcome the stability of the armed forces of Turkey and Jordan securing parts of Syria. The central government of Iraq is Shiite Moslem and aligned with Iran, but the tribes in western Iraq are Sunni Moslems. It is not impossible that Saudi Arabia will join Jordan in declaring parts of eastern Syria under their protection and send their military forces into the region to ensure Iran does not dominate it.
The Mideast turmoil has entered a greater level of danger as Syria is starting to dismember itself. Biblically, what is happening is the redrawing of the Mideast map into the final positioning of the nations into either the Gog-Magog alliance (headed by Russia, China and Iran) or the alliance of the modern nations headed by the ten tribes of Israel (the USA, NATO, etc.). Iraq and Syria are “nations” only on a map. Iraq has already effectively split into three sections: an Iranian-aligned central government in eastern Iraq, an independent Kurdistan in the north and a Sunni tribal region in western Iraq (as another recent post detailed). Syria is coming apart at the seams and it is not known who will end up ruling the various regions of Syria in the future. This is only going to get worse as time goes on.