The Israeli intelligence source, Debka, has reported that Osama Bin Laden’s hiding place has been located in Savzevar, Iran where he has reportedly been sheltered for five years to protect him from western operatives seeking to apprehend or kill him (see link below). It should surprise no one that Bin Laden would be sheltered by Iran as both Bin Laden and Iran are fiercely anti-American, anti-Israeli and anti-western. Debka also reports that Turkey has been aware that Bin Laden was hiding in Iran. If this is true and Turkish intelligence has not shared this information with the USA, a fellow NATO member, it is one more piece of evidence that Turkey has “turned traitor” against NATO and the West.

When you read the link, also check out the related link entitled “Israel, Turkey, Gaza in covert sea war. Hamas frogmen thwarted.” It reports that a team of Hamas frogmen were killed while trying to approach an Israeli target from the sea. On the other hand, a team of Kurdish attackers assaulted a Turkish military base with considerably more effect. This related link also reports that Turkey has moved air defense batteries close to the Lebanese and Syrian borders so Turkish anti-aircraft batteries can fire on Israeli warplanes if they attack Syria or Hezbollah. If this is also true, then NATO must assume that Turkey is now Iran’s spy within NATO and stop sharing any military intelligence with the government of Turkey until it proves by deeds that it can be trusted.

I wonder if anyone has told President Obama that Osama Bin Laden’s hiding place is in Savzevar, Iran? If so, why haven’t American cruise missiles or B-2 bombers visited Osama’s hiding place? If President Bush was still President, I have little doubt that the moment the Israelis learned where Bin Laden was, American intelligence agencies would have confirmed the reports and American military assets would have been “on him” as soon as the GPS coordinates could be confirmed. Obama, on the other hand, has been anti-Israeli and can’t seem to bring himself to defend the USA against its enemies. Obama’s apparent unwillingness to do anything about this report of Osama’s whereabouts has likely allowed Osama Bin Laden an opportunity to escape to a new “safe house” in Iran.

Did you hear anything on the establishment American media about this report? If there was a report that Osama Bin Laden had been found, I think American citizens would want to know about it. However, if the establishment American media suppress this report, then the American citizens won’t start asking the obvious question: “Why didn’t Obama do something to target Bin Laden?”