The link below was sent to me by a reader, and I thought it was worth passing on to all readers of this blog. It is from an Israeli website, and it maintains that the Israeli military is more ready for war than it has been in over a decade.

The website states that the Israeli military is in a state of intense preparation for (apparently) an imminent war. Israeli “tanks, airplanes, helicopters, live-fire drills and soldiers [are] running around…from morning till night.” If a lot of live-fire drills are occurring, this is, indeed, a serious war preparation. The Israelis suffered many losses of their tanks in the last Hezbollah war, and this link reports that the Israeli tanks are now equipped with new anti-missile systems to perform much better in the next war.

Reportedly, Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria are growing concerned about the Israeli war preparations. They have reason to be concerned because all three of those entities are servants of Iran’s agenda which is to “wipe Israel off the map.” If the Israelis have to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the Israeli High Command will logically expect to be attacked by Hezbollah, Hamas and Syria so it would make sense for the Israelis to attack all three of those entities at the same time they attack Iran. These intense military exercises could simple be an attempt at “deterrence” as this link notes. However, it could be preparation for “the real thing.” Only the Israelis know for sure.

The world should know that the Israelis cannot risk the survival of their nation just to please world opinion. When and if the time comes when the Israelis conclude that Iran is about to deploy nuclear weapons, the Israelis have little choice but to hit Iran… and hit it hard. Zechariah 12:3 reminds us that if the Israelis have to go to war, they will not be alone. The Creator God has guaranteed the survival of the Israeli nation in these latter days times.,2506,L-3851015,00.html