Earlier this year, I blogged about the discovery of a major natural gas field in Israeli waters in the Mediterranean Sea. It has now been reported that this Israeli natural gas field is significantly larger than was first thought. The Israelis have already confirmed enough natural gas reserves to supply Israeli energy needs for the next 25 years, and more gas deposits may be found as more exploration is planned.

The timing of this discovery may literally be a “Godsend” to the Israelis. The Israeli lack of a domestic energy supply was always an Achilles heel in their ability to have an uncompromised foreign policy. Now that the Israelis have a major domestic energy source of their own, they have the ability to take a more independent foreign policy without being squeezed by other major nations via energy matters. The Obama administration has been anti-Israeli so far, and this makes the USA a doubtful ally to the Israelis. Zechariah 12:2-7 prophesies that God will defend Jerusalem and Judah (the Israelis) in the latter days of our age “though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.” While we tend to apply that prophecy in just military terms, it could also be understood and applied in economic/political terms as well. At any rate, as the USA turns chilly and oppositional toward the Israelis, God has allowed the Israelis to find a large gas field to make them energy independent. I’d say God just “fought for Jerusalem and Judah” in an economic/political way.

Do we see a pattern here? The Obama administration leading the USA turns against the Israelis. The Israelis discover a massive new energy source which gives them more political independence and control over their national decisions. The USA, however, is losing control over its political independence due to its unfathomable debt to China and its increasingly more reckless economic and financial policies. Maybe God is giving a lesson to the USA that if it forsakes the Israelis, it will be punished itself with greater problems.