Steven Collins
July 6, 2007
As readers of my books and articles know, the establishment of a Jewish nation in the old Promised Land in 1948 was a direct fulfillment of a prophecy in Zephaniah 2:1-9. That prophecy foretold that a “remnant” of the tribe of Judah would have a homeland in that exact location on earth just prior to the “Day of the Lord.” Genesis 49 also prophesied that the tribe of Judah would be a nation likened to a “lion’s whelp” in the latter days of this age. A lion’s “whelp” is a lion cub (i.e. a small and young lion). This prophecy indicates that the latter-day nation of Judah would be a small, young nation which would act in a lion-like manner. This prophecy also fits the history and temperament of the Israeli nation. Those wishing to read more information on how the founding of the Israeli nation fulfilled biblical prophecy may do so in my article “Four Reasons the Jews are Judah,” or in my recent research report entitled “Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?,” both of which are available at this website.
The attached videoclip is a moving account of both the founding of the Jewish state of Israel and the longstanding hatred of its Arab neighbors. Let none forget that Zephaniah 2’s prophecy indicates that modern Jews really do have a “Divine Right” to a national homeland right where they are today!