Steven Collins
October 19, 2007
The Israel National News website (see link below) reported yesterday that “Israeli newscasts featured Gog & Magog maps of the likely alignment of nations…[which would be] the two opposing axes in a coming world war.” The TV newscasts evoked “associations of the Gog and Magog prophecy for many viewers.”
The Israeli TV stations ran world maps pictured a World War III with one alliance led by the USA, Britain, France, Germany and the Israelis and the second alliance led by Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea. The alliances proposed by the Israeli TV stations for World War III are in complete harmony with the prophecy in Ezekiel 38. This prophecy indicates Russia, China, Iran and other nations will attack the latter day nations of “Israel” just prior to the end of this age. As readers of this blog know, the term “Israel” in prophecy applies to the modern nations descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel, not the Israelis or Jews. Much hard evidence confirms that the modern nations of the house of Israel include the USA, Britain, France, Germany and other European and Scandinavian nations.
It is also correct that these NATO and European nations will be allied to the Israelis in the climactic World War III prophesied in Ezekiel 38. Jeremiah 30 is another latter day prophecy and it prophesies that a terrible time called “Jacob’s Trouble” will simultaneously befall all the tribes of both “Israel” and “Judah” in the latter days. Ezekiel 38 is a prophetic insight into the course of World War III as it will be fought in the territories of the modern nations of the ten tribes of “Israel” (notice that “Judah” isn’t mentioned in Ezekiel 38). Zechariah gives us a prophetic insight into the course of World War III as it will be fought in the region including Jerusalem (the Israeli nation). Jeremiah 30’s prophecy confirms that World War III will engulf all the nations of the ten tribes of Israel and Judah at the same time so the prophecies of Ezekiel 38 and Zechariah 14 will be fulfilled concurrently.
The apocalyptic scenario now facing the world was further highlighted by President Bush’s statement that a nuclear-armed Iran could mean World War III, and by Russia’s continued protection of Iran’s nuclear armaments program by its willingness to use it UN veto power to stop further sanctions on Iran. Whether readers like or dislike President Bush and his policies, his warnings about a nuclear-armed Iran are both timely and accurate. World events confirm that the USA and Russia are becoming the leaders of the two opposing camps who will eventually square off in the final world war of our age prophesied in Ezekiel 38. Russia, China and Iran are rapidly preparing for World War III. The USA and the Western nations are mostly asleep to the growing danger.
The Apostle Paul warned in II Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times would come” in the latter days. The perilous times of the latter days are now upon us as the alliances prophesied by Ezekiel take shape on the world map. The fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy in modern geopolitics confirms that the Creator God of the Bible is governing the affairs of modern nations, whether they know it or not.