Something very, very odd has happened. All of the Israeli embassies have shut down globally all at once. These two links [1, 2], from Reuters and the Russia Times, offer details about this very unusual occurrence, which is reported to be a result of a wildcat labor strike by embassy workers. However, in all such prior events that I know of in the private sector in the USA, management and supervisory personnel step in to assume the functions of striking workers so essential functions can continue. In the USA, there is a precedent that occurred in the public sector. When the airline controllers association (PATCO) went on strike in 1981 in US air traffic control towers; management and supervisory personnel, accompanied by military controllers, stepped in to perform vital functions to keep US airports open and functional. Don’t Israeli embassies have any management or supervisory personnel who can step in and perform basic embassy functions?

Many will ask: Is there a hidden agenda to this most unusual shutdown of all Israeli embassies throughout the world? Perhaps the real reason may be a serious threat by terrorists to attack an Israeli embassy, but the threat didn’t identify the targeted embassy so all of them were shut down as a precaution until the threat has been identified and ended. Others will speculate that the Israeli nation didn’t want the Pope or some other foreign dignitary to come to Israel so the embassies were shut down to delay those visits. On the other hand, sometimes there is no secret reason and the real reason is exactly what is being reported: a massive labor revolt against low wages and other issues involving working conditions. Personally, I have no idea why this has occurred, but it most unusual. It is even more unusual that management and supervisory staff are not even making an attempt to perform essential functions during the labor stoppage. The fact that no one is showing up for work infers that there may be an unspecified terrorist threat against Israeli embassies and that Israel deems the threat real enough to allow no one to show up for embassy work for the time being.

There are two more factors that make this a very odd event. It is reported that this work stoppage could delay the visits of foreign dignitaries, including the Pope. However, the Foreign Office in Israel could easily handle the paperwork for any Head-of State or major dignitary to visit Israel if their presence was truly desired. Presumably, the Foreign Minister and his staff in Israel have not gone on strike too. Secondly, one of the major sources of revenue for the Israeli economy is tourist visits to Israel. Israel’s economic interests all but mandate that this global embassy shutdown be ended as soon as possible or tourists will delay or forget about trips to Israel.

This event has no immediate prophetic involvement, but it is a most unusual event in a region on which many biblical prophecies focus. There may be more here than first meets the eye. For that reason I wanted readers to be aware of this truly odd occurrence.