The first  three links [1, 2, 3] detail the fact that the Israeli Defense Minister was snubbed by many high-ranking Obama administration officials when he was in the USA  recently. This is quite extraordinary, given the longstanding alliance between the USA and the Israelis and the common interests of the two nations. This snubbing of the Israeli Defense Minister adds to the belief that the Obama administration is the most anti-Israeli administration ever to exist in the USA.

Don’t expect this event to be reported widely in the American media, but it has been noticed all over the world, no doubt, by all leading nations. I suspect that, given the many foreign policy failures of the Obama administration, President Obama may be peeved that the Israelis will not cater to Obama’s desire to reach some kind of a Palestinian-Israeli peace deal which shortchanges Israeli security concerns. This kind of action by the Obama administration could have some far-reaching effects.

I think one of the primary effects it will have is that the Israelis, given good reason to be unsure about American support in any future security crisis, will boost their own conventional and nuclear weaponry as well as broadening the Israeli defense industry base so it can make more military hardware domestically without relying on US suppliers. If this happens, the US defense industry will have fewer orders for their products from Israel, and the Obama administration will be to blame for this development. American jobs could be lost due to the Obama administration’s snubbing of the Israelis. Also, this will benefit European and other international arms suppliers as the Israelis will likely turn to alternate suppliers for some military hardware and gear.

Another effect is that the Israelis have to be alarmed about having an anti-Israeli Obama in the White House until January 2017. Much can happen between now and that date. The snubbing of the Israeli Defense Minister by the Obama administration will intensify Israeli efforts to locate new allies in the region. The fourth link and fifth link detail the ever-warming relations between the Israelis and Egyptians. They are united in their opposition to Hamas and the Jihadis who are waging a terrorist war against Egyptian security personnel in the Sinai Peninsula and against targets in Egypt’s mainland region. They are also united in their dim view of the Obama administration. Egypt sees the Obama administration as having favored the Islamic Brotherhood which was led by Muhammad Morsi and which led Egypt to the point of internal disintegration or civil war before the Egyptian military led by General al-Sisi took power and saved Egypt from the fates suffered by Iraq, Yemen and Libya. These links report that Israel and Egypt left the Obama administration out of the peace negotiations to stop the Israeli-Hamas war and that Egyptian-Israeli security cooperation is now at its  “zenith.” An Egyptian-Israeli alliance would be a very strong “tag team” in the Mideast. It would unite two very strong regional conventional armies which would be protected by an Israeli nuclear umbrella. If Egypt and Israel openly form an alliance, it is very possible that Saudi Arabia, Jordan and a soon-to-be-independent Kurdistan might also join that same alliance. If such an alliance forms, the USA will be the big loser as it will lose much clout and influence in the Mideast and Turkey and Iran would also be losers in such an arrangement. Turkey has turned very anti-Israeli and it also offended the Egyptian government recently (as I noted in a previous post) so Turkey could end up inadvertently helping to midwife an Israeli-Egyptian alliance. When/if Kurdistan becomes fully independent, it will need allies and its pro-western, Sunni Moslem nature makes it a logical choice to join such an alliance. I won’t specifically predict the above developments, but they are becoming more likely as the Obama administration fumbles its foreign policy initiatives overseas. It should also be note that Greece and the Greek-ruled section of Cyprus are strongly pro-Israeli so they would also be favorable to an Israeli-Egyptian alliance.

Biblically, Zephaniah 2:1-10 prophesied that Judah (the Jews) would have an independent nation in the old Promised Land just before “the day of the Lord’s anger” (another prophetic terminology for the latter days) occurred, and this prophecy was specifically fulfilled in 1948 (please see my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, to see an in-depth examination of biblical prophecies being fulfilled in recent decades that confirm we are living in the biblical “latter day” period of time). Zechariah 12:1-6 prophesy that God will remain a protector to the Jewish nation in the Mideast even if all other nations oppose it. Notice that this prophecy does not actually predict the Israelis will be without allies, but reassures them God will remain their ally even if all other nations forsook it.

Currently, it is the Obama administration which is gradually forsaking its alliance with the Israelis, freeing the Israelis to make independent alliances with other nations.