Steven Collins
November 30, 2007
Hebrew University archaeologist, Dr. Eilat Mazar, has identified a wall unearthed in the ancient City of David as the famous wall constructed during the biblical time of Nehemiah. Dr Mazar stated: “Until now, we have never had such an archaeological wealth of finds from Nehemiah’s period.” A Jerusalem Post article dated November 28, 2007 reports that “scores of bullae, arrowheads and seals from that period [Nehemiah’s] were also discovered during the excavation.”  An AP story on November 29, 2007 notes that pottery shards and arrowheads found at the site date to the Persian period. This fact supports Dr. Mazar’s claim as Nehemiah’s wall was built during the period when Jerusalem was within the Persian Empire. Dr. Mazar’s claim is supported by the Chairman of the State of Israel Archaeological Council but disputed by a professor at Tel Aviv University. Links to both stories are provided below for your information.