May 7, 2009

Steve Collins


Previous blogs have discussed the alliances of modern nations as prophesied by Ezekiel 38. Those blogs have indicated that India is being drawn ever-closer into the western alliance of nations. This blog further substantiates that trend.
The link below (from reports that a new elite corps of the Indian military held a mass exercise not far from the troubled Indian-Pakistan border. What is especially interesting is that this elite Indian corps was trained in large anti-terror operational skills by Israeli instructors. The fact that the exercise was conducted so close to Pakistan’s border sends a message, in my opinion, that India wonders whether it will need to take preemptive military action to make sure Pakistani nuclear weapons do not fall into Al Queda/Taliban hands if Pakistan disintegrates further. This is also clearly in the interests of the Israelis, the USA and other western nations.
Previous blogs have documented close Israeli-Indian cooperation in launching spy satellites and in other military matters. India has signed a nuclear agreement with the USA, India’s navy has conducted large-scale naval maneuvers with American and western-oriented navies and Indian air force pilots are being trained in the USA.  India is increasingly surrounded by hostile nations (Pakistan, China, Maoist guerrillas in Nepal and India, and now a possible Taliban-dominated Afghanistan and Pakistan. India needs to find strong allies, and the western world is the only place to find them.
On the other end of Southern Asia, the Israelis are being dumped and pressured by the Obama administration so the Israelis need to look for powerful new allies. Both Hindu India and the Jewish Israelis are very much threatened by radicalized Islamic nations. They are being driven together as allies by geopolitical realities. As the USA abandons its long-standing Israeli allies under Obama, look for the Israelis to become increasingly allied with nuclear-armed India and it’s billion+ people. India’s identity and its role in latter-day prophecy is included in my article on Japan’s role in latter-day prophecy, available at the articles link at this website.