A recent Israeli air strike killed a large number of Hezbollah and Iranian military officers that were grouped on the northern Israeli border. The first link reports that five Hezbollah leaders and six Iranian military officers were among the dead after an Israeli air strike along the Israeli-Syrian border region. The dead included a top Hezbollah commander and an Iranian general. It seems unlikely that the Israelis killed so many Hezbollah and Iranian leaders in this strike by coincidence. The second link offers more information about the Hezbollah leader who was killed in the raid.

The first link also reports that Israeli leaders are expecting a retaliatory attack into Israel by Hezbollah, which is allied to the Iranian Shiite wing of Islam. The report indicates that Hezbollah may have tunnels already constructed which extend far enough into Israeli territory that teams of terrorists could exit them on the Israeli side and begin attacks upon Israeli citizens and targets inside Israel. If such a terrorist attack killed enough Israeli citizens or destroyed a valuable Israeli target, it is not impossible that such an attack could lead to a new war between Hezbollah/Iran and Israel along the Lebanese/Syrian border. If this occurs, it would lead to an ironic situation where Israel and the Syrian rebels would both have the Iranians and Hezbollah as common enemies. The Mideast’s politics can certainly lead to strange alliances.

We should not forget that years ago Iran proclaimed its desire to “wipe Israel off the map.” While Iran has sent military contingents to help the Assad regime fight the Syrian rebels in the Syrian civil war, the presence of six (!) Iranian officers, led by a general, along the Israeli border is more than ominous. It indicates the Iranians have their sights also set on Israel, not just the Syrian rebels. I think the Israeli air strike was sending a message to the Iranians that they better stay away from Israel as they involve themselves in the Syrian civil war.

Zechariah 12:1-6 foretells that Jerusalem and its general region will be a focal point of world tensions in the latter days, and characterizes Jerusalem as a “burdensome stone” for the nations in the latter days. This prophecy also states that God will preserve Judah and Jerusalem from threats against their survival. The prophetic expression “in that day” applies to the time period of the latter days that will climax the end of our age. The context of the prophecy also confirms this has to be a latter-day prophecy. Since “Judah” is referenced in conjunction with Jerusalem in this prophecy, it can only apply to a time when the Jews have sovereignty/control over Jerusalem and its environs. Before the founding of the Jewish nation of Israel in 1948 this could not have been possible as there was no nation of “Judah” in the region. More specifically, it has to apply to the post-1967 period of time because before the war that occurred in that year, the Israelis/Jews did not have sovereignty over the entire city of Jerusalem or over any of its historic “old city.” Zephaniah 2:1-10 (another latter-day prophecy) foretold that in the latter days, the “house of Judah” (the Jews) would again be given a sovereign nation by God in the old Promised Land. That prophecy was literally fulfilled in 1948 as this approximately 2600 year-old prophecy foretold that the new Jewish nation to be founded in the latter days would possess the Mediterranean “coast” and include the city of Ashkelon. Both of these geographic specifics were fulfilled in the final borders of the 1948 borders of the new Israeli state when it began in 1948.

The precise fulfillments in modern times of these very ancient biblical prophecies confirm that the Creator Being who inspired the Bible has to be real and actively guiding the affairs of nations in order to fulfill his prophecies at specific junctures in human history. God stated in Isaiah 41:21-26 that his ability to fulfill his biblical prophecies on schedule is a major proof of his reality. Indeed, it is. If Nostradamus had prophesied anything even remotely as specific as this and his prophecy had been fulfilled in modern events, it would be trumpeted on the periodic cable-TV specials about him. However, since it is the Holy Bible of the Christian and Jewish religions which can boast about amazingly precise prophetic fulfillments, the world would rather ignore them.

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