In a very curious move, the Israeli government has called all of its ambassadors around the globe back to Israel for a special meeting. The link below reports that this is the “first ever” such meeting for the Israeli nation. Even when the Israelis faced dire emergencies in previous wars and crises, such an action was never taken before. This begs the question of why the Israelis are taking the time to host such a meeting now.

Given the many warnings from many sources that the Israelis face a perhaps imminent existential threat from Iran’s nuclear program, it is entirely likely that all Israeli ambassadors are being briefed about the various scenarios that could develop if open conflict develops between Iran and the Israelis. That would be logical as all of Israel’s ambassadors (and Israelis/Jews) abroad could possibly face terrorist attacks from Hezbollah sleeper cells, Iranian agents, etc. in the event war erupts. If an Israeli attack is imminent, it would be important to make sure all Israeli ambassadors in all nations are prepared as best as possible to implement enhanced security measures for their embassies and all their staff.

The report in the link below is from the Israeli Foreign Ministry itself, so one would expect their formal announcement to be couched in diplomatic niceties. The Iran crisis is mentioned along with technological and environmental topics as reasons for this meeting. It is clear that more than Iran is on the agenda.  It includes a discussion about “the rise of new global powers and how to deal with them.” Let’s read between the lines here. The USA has been the undisputed superpower for years, but this conference will discuss the “new global powers” that are rising. China, Iran and India will surely be discussed as will other nations or potential power blocs which might form in the future. Could this include a discussion of possibly warming relations with the Sunni Arab powers who are also threatened by Iran?  It may also include a discussion of new economic global powers as well as military/political ones. I’ll bet the dangers of an out-of-control U.S. budget deficit and the inevitable consequences this will have for the U.S. dollar and the international global economic system will also be discussed.

The link below reports that while the Israelis have never held such an unprecedented meeting of all their ambassadors, other nations do so annually, so maybe this is just a routine meeting. I would tend to doubt that, but it is a possibility. However, given the fact that the Israelis do face an existential threat from the Iranian nuclear bomb project (which apparently is nearing the point of producing real nuclear bombs), the timing of this unprecedented gathering of Israeli ambassadors might be significant. Don’t you wish you were the proverbial “mouse in the corner” during this event?