The first link below reports that the nations of Israel and Singapore have embarked on a joint project to develop nanotechnology applications to “enhance energy efficiency” in energy and water projects. The project is expected to be a five-year program and it will involve several stages. The prime research facility will be in Singapore, and it will involve the cooperation of Israeli and Singaporean Universities.

There is a great deal of scientific expertise in both Israel and Singapore so their cooperative efforts should be expected to bear fruits in the above-named fields. However, I’m interested in the military applications that both nations will be pursuing. The article closes with a sentence that the Israelis have already been pursuing both “military and dual-use applications” for nanotechnology usages. Both Israel and Singapore are small nations with very large (and unfriendly) nations that would like to either destroy or assimilate them. Developing innovative military nanotechnology weapons is a “force multiplier” that can give even small nations a very large advantage in military weaponry. Genesis 11:6 states that there is really no limit to what mankind (made as “Elohim in the flesh,” as Genesis 1:26 states) can do once a certain tipping point is reached in mankind’s fund of knowledge. I expect we would all be amazed if we knew what types of focused weaponry and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) are being planned and developed in the field of nanotechnology.

China has been reported to be pursuing exotic weapons (including WMD) in its nanotechnology programs. My past posts on Chinese nanotechnology weapons have been among the most popular and the most-read of all my posts at this website. Rather than giving you the specific links from my website, I’ve learned that it is easier to simply “Google” the topic “Chinese nanotechnology weapons” to find them, and they are enclosed as the second link below. A Google search reveals that my three posts on this topic are the most-recommended items in Google’s search results on this topic. If you read the top three Google offerings, you will have my insights into how I think China is trying to build the ultimate weapon of mass destruction (or achieve world domination) by weaponizing a combination of the fields of nanotechnology and human DNA research (my suggested weapons project is theoretically possible and if I, a mere layman, thought of this possibility, I’ll bet China’s weapons experts have thought of it too). The second link also includes other posts I’ve written on exotic latter-day weaponry (including one about an American “anti-matter” bomb being developed). The Apostle Paul was certainly right when he prophesied in I Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times” would come in the latter-days. Even if the nations agreed to eliminate nuclear weapons, there are now so many exotic types of new WMD being developed that all flesh could still go extinct by non-nuclear means. Indeed, Matthew 24:22 prophesies that all flesh would literally go extinct in the latter days unless Jesus Christ returned to impose Divine rule on all nations (Revelation 20:1-4). Mankind better start taking this biblical warning seriously because that is the direction the world is heading with its current exotic weaponry programs. Jesus Christ’s Second Coming is the only hope mankind actually has for its long-term survival.

I’m sure the Israeli and Singaporean militaries are very interested in learning what China is trying to build in its secret nanotechnology programs. No doubt many nations are interested in what China is pursuing, and they are scouring the internet for every scrap of information on the subject they can find. When they do so, they will find my biblically-based posts on this subject at the top of a Google search (and warnings by other writers as well). I just checked my website statistics and noticed that Singapore and Israel are in the “top 15” nations which have residents accessing my website (105 nations have residents who have accessed my website just this month). Maybe certain Israeli and Singaporean readers have already read my posts about the possible “superweapon” that Chinese scientists may be trying to build. If so, perhaps this new Israeli-Singaporean nanotechnology team will also be trying to develop either a deterrent or an antidote to the possible nanotechnology bombs that China may be pursuing. If they are, I wish them favor in doing so!