As long-time readers know, I sometimes post about major events happening in the world and other times I write about developments which are quite important but which attract scant media attention. This post is in the latter category.

As readers will recall, during the Trump administration, great strides were made in achieving Middle East peace between Israel and many Arab Sunni nations. Indeed, as more Islamic nations established full diplomatic relations with Israel, the process became known as the “Abraham Accords.” That term acknowledged that the Israelis/Jews were descended from Abraham via Isaac and Jacob, and that the Arabs were descended from Abraham via Ishmael. When Joe Biden entered the White House, a distinct chill settled over this process due to Biden being the Vice President when President Obama took a pro-Iranian, pro-Shiite stance in a nuclear deal that was one-sided in Iran’s favor. Biden seems to still largely be echoing Obama’s Mideast policies, but a major development has occurred which shows the Abraham Accords are still active and growing in scope.

Morocco, a Sunni nation, has just signed a written agreement with Israel establishing formal military and intelligence ties with the state of Israel (first and second links). The Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, represented Israel at the signing ceremony in Rabat, Morocco while Morocco’s Defense Chief, Abdellatif Loudiyi, represented Morocco. The first link describes this event from an Arab perspective while the second link details it from an Israeli perspective. The agreement will draw Israel and Morocco much closer together in what one link calls “a strategic alliance of knowledge” and it is also reported the two nations will “begin cooperating deeply on security issues.” This will also benefit commercial ties, and the second link mentions Israeli-Moroccan military exercises are also planned. This very much sounds like a formal military/intelligence alliance between Israel and Morocco however it is described in media reports. Since Israel also has formal diplomatic ties with Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, such Sunni-Israeli alliances can be expected to grow wider in the future. Since much in the Mideast is done behind closed doors, there may be secret side-agreements between Israel and other Sunni nations which are not being publicized. I expect Morocco will now become a key “go-between” for a variety of types of cooperation between Israel and various Sunni nations.

What is propelling the establishment of such remarkable Israeli-Sunni Arab agreements–which would have been unheard of not many years ago? It is clearly the joint threat of Shiite Iranian militarism, and Iran’s efforts to obtain nuclear weapons as soon as possible. An Iranian nuclear bomb arsenal would greatly destabilize the entire Mideast, Europe and other regions. Iran’s threat is continuing to grow. The third link reports that international nuclear inspectors are warning that Iran’s nuclear program has become so secretive and opaque that they cannot do their jobs as nuclear inspectors because Iranian authorities are preventing their access to Iran’s key nuclear facilities. If Iran had nothing to hide, they would allow world inspectors to view anything in its nuclear program. They clearly have something to hide. Iran has pledged “to wipe Israel off the map,” and Israel has pledged to make sure Iran never gets nuclear weapons. Those mutually-exclusive pledges argue that a major war is inevitable. The Sunni nations do not want to be conquered or dominated by a nuclear-armed Iran so their survival instincts naturally ally themselves with Israel. The old adage, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” has driven Mideast politics for a very long time.

In related news, Iran’s existential threat to Israel is spurring even greater technological defense programs in Israel. Israel has just unveiled a new, ultra-sophisticated air defense system during its “Blue Flag” exercise hosted in Israel. This new electronic warfare system disables enemy warplanes, missiles and drones via a new “soft kill” technology described in the fourth link. The link indicates this new technology may even be able to disable incoming hypersonic missiles. This feature would greatly interest all nations threatened by the advanced state of hypersonic weaponry developed by Russia and China. Indeed, many NATO and Western-oriented allied nations were on hand to see the new Israeli defense system being demonstrated. The list of nations which either participated in the air defense exercises or were observers at the exercises includes the USA, France, Italy, Germany, Greece, India, the UAE, Japan, Romania, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, South Korea and Croatia. The new Israeli air defense system can be installed on warplanes, warships or at land installations–making it incredibly valuable. I suspect many nations will want to buy into this new Israeli technology. NATO nations need such a system to defend against Russian hypersonic and subsonic air threats of all kinds. The US Navy, and Asian nations need the Israeli system just as badly in their confrontation with China in the South China Sea, Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, the Indian-Chinese border, etc.

The new Israeli technology may have another huge advantage. Until now, Israel would have had to rely mostly on “kinetic” interception techniques to knock down the 100,000 estimated missiles and rockets possessed by Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon. No matter how good such Israeli systems are, some of that massive number of incoming projectiles would get through and hit Israeli targets. It is possible the new Scorpius electronic defense system might create an invisible electronic “shield” all along its northern border which could disable all Hezbollah rockets and missiles as soon as they come in contact with the new electronic jamming systems being generated by the Scorpius system. If so, it makes it vastly less likely that Israel would need to “go nuclear” to defend its people in a war vs. Hezbollah.

One more event worth noting: Naval warships from the USA, Israel, the UAE and Bahrain conducted a joint military exercise in the Red Sea recently (fifth link). They no doubt conducted coordination exercises to work together in a variety of naval activities, but I think two pressing issues they needed to address is the possibility of Iran basing anti-ship missiles in the Houthi-controlled region of Yemen and Iran shipping military weaponry to Hezbollah and Hamas via military supply ships disguised as civilian cargo ships. The Red Sea is the southern gateway to the Suez Canal and a high percentage of world maritime traffic and oil shipments flow through Egypt’s Suez Canal so this exercise has important value and many objectives.

The increasing ties between Israel and the Sunni nations plus the new Israeli air defense system which apparently can disable hypersonic missiles will mightily set back any invasion plans by Russia, China and Iran against their rivals. There is one drawback about having advanced secret weapons. As long as they are truly secret, they have no deterrent value. Periodically, nations need to “tip their hand” a bit to give hints of what weaponry they really have in order to deter war plans by rival nations. I think the Israelis and the nations in the Western world are doing that right now. This a most welcome development because the Russian-Chinese lead in hypersonic missiles was a clear temptation to those nations to start a war while they have an advantage. The new Israeli system can reportedly disable hypersonic missiles without any need to intercept them via a kinetic kill.

From a biblical perspective, the above has important ramifications. The well-publicized development of a Russian-Chinese lead in hypersonic weaponry made the chances of a Russian-Chinese invasion of NATO and other Asian nations more likely sooner rather than later. While not addressed in the cited links, the new Israeli air defense jamming system might also be useful against ballistic missiles, not just cruise missiles. Since the new Israeli system fires no missiles at incoming missiles and rockets but only needs to broadcast certain jamming signals, why would it not work against ballistic missiles as well? Another question not addressed in the links is: How long has Israel had this new air defense system with its totally new technology? Have they had it for years and are only now revealing it so it creates new deterrent value? Have the Israelis already exported it to other friendly, western nations? You can be sure war-planners in Moscow, Beijing and Tehran are frantically looking for answers to those questions.

The new Israeli technology’s ability to negate hypersonic weapons, in my judgement, acts to delay the eventual World War III prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 and other biblical prophecies. As readers of my books, articles and blog and listeners to the audio messages at my website know, Ezekiel 38-39 (written circa 2500 years ago) accurately predicted that the current alliance of Russia, China and Iran would occur in a time called the latter days. That prophecy informs us that there is a foreordained Divine “script” being followed in world events that will eventually result in Russia, China and Iran attacking the NATO nations and all their global allies as this current age ends and the new Messianic Age/Millennium begins. It has been my understanding that the Ezekiel 38-39 world war will not occur until (A) after the fall of our current global economic/monetary system called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18’s prophecy, (B) the establishment of a new global political/economic system called the “beast” system described in Revelation 13, 17 and 19, and (C) the completion of the 1260-day ministry of the Two Witnesses prophesied in Revelation 11. This new Israeli technology which counters the growing threat of hypersonic super-missiles acts to significantly delay any invasion plans by Russia, China or Iran. Obviously, I cannot guarantee a particular prophetic outcome, but that is my current assessment. For solid evidence that we are living in the biblically-prophesied latter days, please read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? For a comprehensive analysis of Ezekiel 38-39 and other biblical prophecies about the events that will occur at the end of our age, I invite you to read my article/research report entitled, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. Since biblical prophecies use ancient names for modern nations, it is necessary to determine the correct correlations regarding these names to apply ancient prophecies to modern nations. My books reveal those correlations for many modern nations, and those books are available at the home page of my website. For a free examination of some of the biblical clues about the prophecies regarding the modern USA, you will find some of the major pieces of evidence in my article, The United States of America in Biblical Prophecy.