For several years there have been rumors of a possible Iranian-Israeli conflict, but these rumors are now looking more like actual war preparations instead of mere rumors. The IAEA has issued a report which indicates not only that Iran is getting very close to having a nuclear weapon, but also that Iran lied to the USA and world community when it said it halted nuclear efforts in 2003 (see first link below).

The Israelis have successfully tested and deployed a new long-range missile, the Jericho-3, which can hit any target in Iran and has the range to also hit targets in Pakistan, the other Islamic nation known to have nuclear weapons. This long-range Israeli missile was developed and deployed in secret apparently in 2008 (see second link), and it is not known how many of these missiles the Israelis have already produced and deployed. Significantly, this missile is said to have three independently targetable nuclear weapons, so each missile can nuke three targets. Theoretically, the missile can also carry conventional munitions. The Jericho missile makes it easier for the Israelis to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities as it would risk no human lives as would attacks by Israeli warplanes. It should also be noted that it is possible that Israel could launch cruise missiles (with either nuclear or conventional warheads) from its German-made Dolphin submarines. The range of the Israeli cruise missiles on Israel’s strategic submarines is not known.

The third link (from British media) states that an Israeli strike against Iran may come as soon as Christmas. That is only about five weeks away from now. The fourth link (from the Israeli media) reports that the Hezbollah chief has declared that any Israeli or US strike vs. Iran will mean a regional war. Iran’s surrogates (Syria, Hezbollah, and Hamas) have tens of thousands of missiles which can be fired quickly at Israeli targets if Iran gives them the green light. Israel has been preparing for such an attack and has been deploying its “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system to knock down as many of those incoming missiles as possible. If any incoming missiles fired at Israel have weapons of mass destruction on them, I expect Israel will fire missiles with nukes at such possible targets as Tehran, Qom, Damascus, etc. If Turkey and Egypt join any attack against the Israelis, you can likely kiss the Ataturk and Aswan dams goodbye. Their destruction would cause catastrophic damage to Egypt and Turkey so those nations would be most wise not to participate in any Israeli-Iranian war.

The situation has been made more complicated by a huge gaffe in which French President Sarkozy and American President Obama were caught bad-mouthing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on a microphone they did not realize was “live” (see fifth¬†link). Sarkozy said to Obama “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he is a liar,” and Obama responded ” You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more than you.” That these two key western leaders privately were caught saying such statements cannot help but cause Israeli war-planners to trust France and the USA a lot less than before those remarks. It is my view that while the Israelis would like to have American assistance in attacking Iran if this happens, those overheard remarks have increased the chances that the Israelis will act against Iran unilaterally. A wild card in this matter is the action of Saudi Arabia. It is dangerously targeted by Iran as is Israel. If Saudi Arabia joins an attack vs. Iran or gets drawn into the war, it will become a major multinational war very quickly as other Sunni nations would also likely declare war against Iran.

The last link has crucial information that China has not only shipped advanced anti-ship cruise missiles to Iran, but that it has also built an entire factory in Iran for the Iranians to build anti-ship cruise missiles. The advanced anti-ship cruise missiles may be the supersonic cruise missiles which China is “itching” to fire at American aircraft carriers and surface warships to see if the American fleet can withstand an attack of Chinese cruise missiles. If China allows Iran to fire them at the US carriers and warships in any Mideast war, we will know very quickly if the US Navy has successfully deployed defensive weaponry to counter waves of supersonic cruise missiles fired from the Iranian side of the Persian Gulf. It would draw the USA into another Mideast war very quickly if Iran fires cruise missiles at US Navy ships. If Chinese-supplied missiles are fired at US warships, expect American-Chinese relations to go downhill very quickly.

Americans may also be wary in their own homeland if such a war breaks out as Hezbollah is reported to have sleeper cells in America to carry out mass casualty attacks against Americans if a Mideast war breaks out. Hezbollah terrorist attacks could target theme parks, shopping malls, sports stadiums, etc. If such terrorist attacks occur on American home soil, it will galvanize anti-Islamic sentiment throughout the USA and likely lead to more restrictive anti-terrorist measures within the USA. A word of advice: If an Israeli-Iranian war breaks out and especially if the USA is drawn into the war, every American with a concealed pistol permit better start packing heat because random Hezbollah/Iranian terrorist attacks could potentially happen anywhere in the USA. Things could get really serious very fast if this Mideast war does occur.

In Matthew 24:6, Jesus Christ warned that “wars and rumors of wars” would characterize the latter days before his return. There have been plenty of wars in recent decades and even more “rumors of wars.” The rumors of a large Mideast war between Israel and Iran are becoming more urgent, and such a war could quickly drag in many other nations. Watch this situation very carefully as such a war, if it occurs, could change the course of human events if it develops into a nuclear war.