Israel and India have joined forces to build a ballistic missile defense system for India to shoot down Pakistani and Chinese ballistic missiles fired at India (first link). Israeli technology will aid the construction of the Indian missile defense system, but any secrets learned in the program will surely be shared by both nations. India has a great need for a quick-response missile defense system because Pakistan and China are so close to India.

This Indian-Israeli alliance inevitably draws India closer to the western bloc of nations as Israel is part of the western alliance although they are not technically a part of NATO. Israel has long been an ally of the USA although that alliance has been greatly strained under the Obama administration. Germany and Greece (both NATO nations) have become close Israeli allies in a variety of ways. Greece allows Israeli warplanes to practice long-range missions over Greek airspace, and Germany has built the Israeli nuclear-capable Dolphin submarine fleet. Both Greece and Germany have had high-level state and military visits to Israel.

India is being drawn closer to the West by sheer necessity. Increasingly threatened by a militarizing China and a nuclear missile-equipped Pakistan, India must gain strong allies as counterweights to the Chinese-Pakistani alliance that threatens India. India has drawn closer militarily to the USA and other Pacific Rim nations who are also threatened by China. That Israel and India are entering a very important joint military development project strengthens this trend. My article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III, indicates that the growing alliance of the West to India, Japan and other “young tiger” nations such as South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, etc. was prophesied over 2500 years ago in Ezekiel 38. That the global alliances are coming together just as Ezekiel 38 prophesied for the “latter days” confirms that only a Creator Being could control the destinies of nations to make such ancient prophecies come true at their appointed times. God’s ability to do this is proclaimed openly in Isaiah 41:21-26 as a sign of his Divine sovereignty over the nations.

In a related note, Israeli technology has developed a very high-tech, short-range defense system which can “swat down mortars like flies” (second link). Combining this anti-mortar defense system with the already-deployed Iron Dome anti-missile defense system, the Israeli military is preparing very aggressively to have its defenses in place whenever the next war occurs involving Israel. That attack is most likely to come via a mass mortar and missile attack by Hezbollah and Syria from southern Lebanon when/if Israel and Iran exchange blows over Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

This growing Israeli-Indian military cooperation program will doubtlessly be of great help to both nations.