Me again. I’ve read though this many times, and I think Ezekiel 38 is post-millennial and Ezek 39 is pre millenial. If you compare them with Revelation you can see this.

Dear Lee,
Keep in mind that the chapter breaks in today’s Bibles never existed in the ancient inspired manuscripts. Modern translators “guessed” where the chapter breaks should be inserted to make for easier reading of the various books of the Bible. Ezekiel 39 is a continuation of the prophecy which begins in Ezekiel 38 so they have to be one continuous prophecy.  Ezekiel himself tells us where the breaks are between his various prophecies by including language such as “The word of the Lord came unto me saying…” Everything after a place where that expression is found is part of a single prophecy until the next time that same language occurs. Ezekiel 38:1 begins a prophecy and it continues through the end of the book of Ezekiel. However, many prophecies are shorter. Other distinct prophecies begin in Ezekiel 34:1, 35:1, 36:16, and 37:15.