The link below details further damage being done by the Islamic regime in Iran to another important Parthian archeological site. The Parthian site included a Parthian palace, so it had to be an important location during the time of the Parthian Empire. This particular link is especially of interest as it shows some of the Parthian self-depictions of their own people. Lamentably, the Islamic rulers of Iran seem intent on destroying the priceless archeological history of the ancient empires that ruled Persia. This includes not only the Parthian (Israelite) Empire, but the Medo-Persian Achaeminid Empire which preceded the Macedonian period founded by Alexander the Great and the Sassanian Empire which followed the Parthian period.

As you can see, the Parthian males are depicted as bearded and mustachioed Semites. The fourth photo depicts the classic Parthian greeting of peaceful intentions: right arm raised and the palm of the hand facing outwards. This Parthian gesture was very important in the Parthian empire as one was bound by one’s word when one had “extended the right hand” to anyone else. The “puffy” hairstyle seen on the statues of many Parthian nobles reminds one of the powdery-white, “official” headpieces sometimes worn by British officialdom.

The fascinating but largely-ignored history of the huge and important Parthian Empire is the subject of my book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower. While classical Roman historians wrote extensively about the power of the Parthian Empire, modern historians barely discuss Parthia at all. I think I know why they ignore it. If Parthia’s history, names and culture were examined much at all, its Israelite/Semitic history would be impossible to hide. Only by deleting or badly downplaying the role of mighty Parthian Empire in the ancient world can its Israelite nature and composition be hidden from modern audiences. At my homepage, you can click on the crawler text and read a lengthy, free excerpt from my book about Parthia. This free excerpt examines the visit of the Parthia Magi/Wise Men whose arrival scared the wits out of King Herod and the city of Jerusalem as well as how the early years of Jesus Christ’s life were affected by Roman-Parthian superpower politics. Reading my book about Parthia has strengthened the faith of many Christians in many denominations as it makes the Bible “come alive” in a new way. You can order it on-line by clicking on the book links at this website.