The Islamic terrorist army (called ISIL, ISIS or the Islamic State) which has seized control of large tracts of Syria and Iraq, is now in the process of seizing control over increasing portions of Libyan territory, as these links report (first link, second link, third link). ISIL (their original name which I still use) has now seized control of the Libyan city of Derna, is in the process of seizing control of Sirte and is threatening Tripoli and other regions. They are seizing universities, public areas, etc. Clearly, ISIL is rapidly expanding its base in Libya. As the third link reports, ISIL is even burning musical instruments because they somehow they are “evil.”

While it was an exemplary action, the air strikes by Egypt vs. ISIL targets inside Libya has apparently done little to stop the advance of this Islamic terrorist scourge. Egypt needs allies to stop ISIL. I read that Italy offered to join an anti-ISIL coalition in Libya, but the USA just dithers when it should be providing needed leadership. The inability of air strikes to halt ISIL advances highlights the reality that only ground troops, employed with heavy armor and weaponry and with air support, will stop ISIL advances in Syria, Iraq and now Libya. Air strikes can’t take or hold territory. No matter who says they are opposing ISIL in Obama’s largely illusory “coalition” vs. ISIL, until they commit substantial ground forces to the effort, ISIL will continue to advance. Indeed, by refusing to commit major ground forces to the fight, the weakness of the Obama-led coalition vs. ISIL is emboldening the resolve of the ISIL forces. The Kurds have fought ISIL hard on the ground and held on to Kurdish territory. Kobani, a Syrian city under ISIL attack, was held due to the infusion of Kurdish ground forces to defend and hold the city. The Jordanian and Egyptian air strikes were welcome efforts, but they were only stopgap measures.

It seems evident that until the USA commits significant ground forces to stop ISIL, other nations in the region or among the western nations will be reluctant to commit their ground forces. I will predict one thing: If ISIL forces ever attack or threaten Israeli territory, the Israelis will use whatever means are necessary to annihilate whatever ISIL forces threaten them. I think ISIL’s leaders know that too. That is why they are attacking vulnerable and unstable Islamic nations, not Israel. A word of free advice to Islamic nations opposed to ISIL. If you want to protect yourselves vs. ISIL, you are better off with Israel as an ally than the USA as long as Obama is president. Obama has exhibited a clueless foreign policy. Israel, as long as Netanyahu is Prime Minister, can be relied upon to be a truly loyal regional ally vs. ISIL and its affiliated terrorists.

The plain truth is that President Obama is dithering and indecisive in the extreme in the face of ISIL’s threat. In 2014, he dismissed ISIL as a minor “B-team” threat and even admitted he had no plan to stop them. It is obvious he still has no plan to stop them. Why is he so ineffective and indecisive a leader vs. ISIL? I think  one reason is that when/if American ground forces are re-sent into Iraq, it will be an admission that Obama committed a major policy blunder in withdrawing all US combat troops from Iraq too soon. If there had been a rapid-response force of US combat troops in Iraq when ISIL attacked Mosul and many other Iraqi cities, ISIL’s attack would have been “nipped in the bud.” Just a handful of A-10 Warthogs sent to attack ISIL’s advancing columns would have turned them into scrap iron in short order. If US combat troops had been in Iraq to reinforce Iraqi forces in Mosul, the Iraqi army there would likely not have surrendered their weapons and fled southward. I think history will show Obama’s policy errors allowed ISIL to rise and Obama’s vacillations permitted ISIL’s cancer to metastasize throughout the Mideast. When will Obama ever wake up and oppose this murderous, sadistic mass of terrorists? Do teams of ISIL terrorists have to storm the White House and Congress to jar Obama come out of his stupor?

In Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, a series of blessings and cursings are pronounced on “covenant nations.” This covenant was between God and the ancient twelve tribes of Israel. While they clearly applied to the ancient Israelite kingdoms of Israel and Judah, they also apply as general good or bad dispensations that will be active upon the descendants of the ancient tribes of Israel. The USA is one such covenant nation as it primarily began as a Christian, God-fearing nation initially settled mostly by the Israelite tribe of Manasseh and it fulfilled the biblical prophecy about that tribe (see my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy). My books contain a massive body of secular historical and biblically-prophetic evidence that the USA, the UK, and many European and western nations are the descendants of the ancient ten tribes of Israel (modern Jews/Israelis realize that they are the descendants of the ancient Israelite tribe of Judah). Whether these modern nations realize they are descendants of the ten tribes of Israel or not is irrelevant. God has made prophecies about them for our “latter day” period of human history, and they will fulfill those biblical prophecies about them whether they know their origins or not. The biblical blessings and cursings generally apply to them even today, although the applicability of these blessings and cursings are at God’s discretion. When America and western nations had a God-fearing culture and society, they were recipients of the blessings pronounced upon covenant nations in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28. The USA and western nations are now abandoning God’s laws in their cultures and lifestyles so the cursings of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 are now increasingly coming upon them. One of the cursings applicable to covenant nations that adopt sinful lifestyles is that God will “break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19). The stark indecision of President Obama to use America’s power to stop ISIL in its tracks is an example of the truth of this biblical “curse.” Obama and the USA still have much power available to stop ISIL, but they are too indecisive, fearful or weak-willed to use it. The same can be said of other western/NATO nations, many of which are Israelite-origin nations as well.

One of my recent posts was about the predicted mega-drought to strike America and the fact that it is already hitting California and western states. Severe drought is one of the other “curses” pronounced upon covenant nations which forsake God’s laws (Leviticus 26:19). Is it only coincidental that severe drought is hitting the USA in its major food-producing region at the time we are abandoning God’s moral and ethical laws? I don’t think so.

Finally, based on a biblically-prophetic perspective, I warned in a December 2013 post that an actual terrorist army was forming in Syria and that it would endanger surrounding nations. Since such labels as ISIL, ISIS, and Islamic State were not then yet in common media discourse, I used the term Al Queda for the rising terrorist army. I now use the term ISIL, the name the terrorist army originally gave itself. Modern nations are blind to the fact that the Bible is the literal inspired Word of a Creator God. He has flatly said he will fulfill his prophecies as proof of his reality and sovereignty (Isaiah 41:21-26). As my books document, God has been fulfilling his prophecies about nations and empires ever since the biblical prophetic books were written. Therefore, we can be sure he will fulfill his prophecies about our current nations as well.

The Bible has many prophecies about the destinies of modern nations, but the formerly-Christian, western nations, duped by the Big Lie of evolution, are blinded to the only real source of certain knowledge about their future destinies…or how to change them. Leviticus 26:40-42 and II Chronicles 7:14 extend God’s invitation to nations and peoples to repent and change their ways. If they do, God will be merciful and can change national cursings to blessings again. However, as long as the USA and the western nations forsake God, his Word and all traditional Judeo-Christian biblical values, modern western nations can expect their national curses to steadily get worse.