There has been a flurry of reports and warnings that a terrorist attack may be imminent in the UK, the USA or somewhere else. These terrorist warnings are particularly apropos in light of the threats from the ISIL/Islamic State terrorists holding much of eastern Syria and Northern Iraq that they will attack in other nations. The first link cites a recent ISIL/ISIS threat that they will drown the US in blood. That sounds like a pretty clear threatening statement to me. The second link shows the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US apparently “didn’t get the memo” about that warning as they think ISIL/ISIS isn’t a threat yet.

The British government is taking the ISIL/ISIS terrorist danger seriously as the British government has just raised its terrorist threat level to the “severe” level, one step from the highest threat awareness level available. The state of Texas is aware of the danger of terrorism as the third link documents. The governor of Texas and a US Congressman have warned about a heightened level of terrorist threat, but the US and Mexican governments, unlike the British government, are downgrading the threat. Perhaps they just don’t want people to get worried, but if they really know the threat of terrorism has risen, the US government will be heavily blamed if such an attack occurs while they were warning there was no danger. The fourth link reports the Saudis are taking the threat of ISIL/ISIS (also known as “The Islamic State”) seriously and have readied 30,000 troops to defend the Kingdom vs. ISIL/ISIS if they try to attack Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. They have arrested 62 members of a possible terrorist cell and are looking for 44 more.

It is remarkable that the US government seems to be the last to “get the message” that ISIL/ISIS terrorist attacks could occur in many possible nations. Since US warplanes are attacking ISIL/ISIS forces on the ground in support of the Kurdish Peshmerga and helped the Kurds take back the vital Mosul dam from ISIL/ISIS, it would seem the US government would realize that the USA would likely be a prime target of any ISIL/ISIS terrorist efforts. The fifth link is particularly illustrative of the incoherence and seeming cluelessness of the Obama administration re: the dangers of possible ISIL/ISIS terrorist attacks as Obama admits flatly “We don’t have a strategy yet” in dealing with the ISIL/ISIS threat. Cynics might add how many months will it take for them to wake up and smell the coffee here? Let’s get this straight. The US is bombing ISIL/ISIS targets in northern Iraq and Obama still has no overall strategy yet? The Obama administration sure seems unready for “prime time” performance in vital national defense/foreign policy issues.

It has just been released that a terrorist laptop with troves of information on it was seized. A Fox News story on the cable-TV channel offered more detailed information about how dangerous ISIL/ISIS’s plans are, but the sixth link confirms it includes weaponizing the bubonic plague and even using grenades to hurl biological weapons into crowds.

Amazingly, the seventh link reports that the FBI didn’t even mention the threat of Islamic terrorism in preparing a domestic threat assessment report. They seem to share the politically-correct, head-in-the-sand perspective reportedly held by the US joint chiefs of staff. I watched part of a presentation by a US Rear Admiral on CNN today and I was very unimpressed with him as a military spokesman. He actually giggled nervously at times in his responses. Giggled! One reporter pressed him hard about why the Pentagon was taking so long to come up with strategies about taking on ISIL/ISIS more seriously. After watching this dismal performance by a US Rear Admiral, I can only say he will hardly inspire any fear in the hearts of any US enemies. Doesn’t the Pentagon have any real warrior generals left? The retired generals being interviewed on cable-TV channels seem to be bristling with disgust at the ineptitude of the current crop of Pentagon decision-makers and spokesmen. Where are the tough US military leaders like Schwarzkopf, Petraeus, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nimitz and Patton?  If General Patton could have been resurrected today and have seen the weak performance of the US Pentagon spokesman today in light of the vicious ISIL/ISIS threat, I think Patton would have slapped him (those who understand history will get my drift here).

Interestingly, Isaiah 3:1-4 prophesies that when a nation departs from God and forsakes his laws, that God will take away “mighty men and the man of war” from such a nation and that they will have childish leaders. I leave it to your judgment whether this has happened to modern day America. Please read my article, The USA in Biblical Prophecy, to see why this prophecy would apply to the USA, a modern “covenant” nation in God’s eyes.

I have no idea whether or when a major Islamic Jihadi terrorist attack will take place against American, British or some other nation’s people or interests. Certainly, its best to be on the safe side in the event such a thing happens. The eighth link and ninth link are from the FEMA website of the US government. They explain the need for Americans to have a supply of emergency items on hand in case of a national or local disaster or emergency. Such a disaster could be weather-related, financial markets-related or terrorist-related. FEMA offers a list of items that Americans should stock up on to be prepared “just in case.” The FEMA recommendation is for everyone to be able to be self-sufficient for 72 hours, but anyone who watched the aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina fiasco knows that a 72-hour supply of essentials is woefully short. I’d suggest a supply of weeks instead of 72 hours. To review what I think is a balanced biblical approach to preparing for an emergency, I urge that you read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?