The article below, from USA Today, reports that Apple’s new iPhone and other types of “smart” cell phones are actually designed with a built-in feature that most users don’t realize: the phones can monitor an awful lot of information about you as you use those phones. The article states concerning these phones: “That many of them secretly pull data off users’ phones and ship them to third parties without notification” (emphasis added)…”The data can include details about user’s contacts, pictures, text messages and Internet and search histories.”

This obviously provokes a lot of data privacy concerns. I think the lesson that consumers should realize is that increasingly….Big Brother is listening in on whatever communications devices you are using. Doesn’t it make you wonder what other electronic/digital devices in your possession are gathering information about you or monitoring you in ways that have not been disclosed to you?

The “Big Brother” society of the latter days was foretold in biblical prophecy. Revelation 13:16-18 foretells that when the beast power comes fully into being at the very end of the latter days, it will exercise massive control over daily economic/commercial activities. Today, modern technology can monitor a great deal about what you are buying, watching, who you are contacting, etc. When the beast power comes into being in the future, it will be able to control whether you are able to buy something, watch something, contact certain people, etc. Thankfully, we are not at that point yet. But the link below confirms the kinds of technologies which could implement the prophecy of Revelation 13:16-18 are now becoming realities. The fact that the technologies to implement such a prophecy are coming into being argues that we are not all that far away from the time when this prophecy will be fulfilled.