Many Americans are surprised that President Obama, who campaigned as the “peace” candidate, is now becoming a “war” president by expanding the U.S war in Afghanistan. Many are confused by his decision. Why are we in Afghanistan anyway? We have no treaty obligation to be there. That nation poses no terrorist risk to the USA any more as the Al Queda training camps were all destroyed years ago. The chances of finding Osama Bin Laden in some hidey-hole (like Saddam Hussein in Iraq) are virtually nil. Given the glaring fact that the USA also has no money to pay for Obama’s expanded war in Afghanistan, why is the USA there any longer?

The link below offers some startling and disconcerting explanations for the USA deciding to stay in Afghanistan and even expanding its military presence there. You will definitely not hear this information given on any establishment news network. I doubt even Fox News would touch this one! The link below was sent to me by a financial analyst in a foreign nation to consider. I have a number of foreign readers who email me expressing a common viewpoint that “You Americans have no idea what is really going on in the world.” I have pondered whether to blog on this link as it has very sensitive information, but I have decided to do so as it is entirely consistent with the biblical topics of Babylon the Great and the Gog-Magog confrontation with the USA and NATO, about which I blog regularly.

The piece below is authored by F. William Engdahl, an analyst who writes about the global oil and energy markets as well as West vs. East geopolitics. He must enjoy considerable credibility in his field as I see his articles posted at a number of websites. Mr. Engdahl outlines three reason why the USA is in Afghanistan. The first reason is to maintain control of the opium traffic from which he alleges the USA is using profits to oppose the Russians and also to help the “liquidity of the bankrupt and corrupt Wall Street financial mafia.” His assertions about the opium trade will be very disconcerting to Americans who thought that their young men and women were in Afghanistan to fight global terrorism. If Engdahl is right, America’s troops are there at least partially to secure the control of Wall Street firms over the opium trade. Revelation 18:3 prophesies that the end-time multinational corporations will be exceptionally corrupt and self-serving, so if Engdahl’s views are correct, American troops are fighting and dying, not for American interests, but for the secret financial interests of Babylon the Great’s corrupt globalist system. I wonder if anyone told President Obama about his yet? Perhaps Obama is not yet “in the loop” re: such important matters.

The second reason Engdahl cites for the USA staying in Afghanistan is that the USA is building a string of large military bases across Afghanistan to oppose the interests of Russia and China and to be able to strike at those nations if necessary in the future. The British Empire once fought China in a series of opium wars and it also opposed Russia in “the great game” of controlling Central Asia by trying to occupy Afghanistan. The USA may now be doing a modern version of these two efforts. If so, I do not see a good outcome for the USA. The British empire had to retreat from Afghanistan, and so did the USSR. Indeed, the costs of the USSR’s Afghan war/occupation helped lead to the break-up of the USSR itself. Since the USA has no money to fund its Afghan War and it is severely overworking the U.S military ground forces in endless debilitating deployments, the USA is, in my opinion, engaged in a severe case of “imperial overreach” in its Afghan War. If Engdahl is right that the USA wants to position military forces in Russia, it is walking a very treacherous path as the USA is dependent on Russia’s good graces to allow the USA to have an air supply route for reinforcing and supplying U.S troops in Afghanistan. Russia is, no doubt, well-aware of all this, but for now it allows the USA to use air bases in Russian-dominated nations because it very much serves Russia’s interests to have the U.S waste its military strength and economic power in the Afghan War.

The third reason Engdahl outlines is the competition for control of the Caspian Sea region oil supplies. There are competing plans for various oil pipelines that involve the nations of Russia, China, the USA, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. There will clearly be winners and losers in this competition. Engdahl asserts that Unocal and Halliburton are the multinational firms that will benefit from control of Caspian Sea oil supplies if the West wind this competition so America’s troops in Afghanistan may be fighting and dying for these two “Babylon the Great” firms as well.

I don’t see the West winning this oil pipeline competition in Central Asia. This region is in the backyards of Russia, China and Iran, three dominant nations in the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied to come into being in the latter days as an enemy of the USA and NATO (an alliance led by the modern nations of the ten tribes of “Israel”). Babylon the Great’s financial and oil multinationals are apparently trying to control the opium and oil resources of this region (according to Engdahl), but since Babylon the Great’s globalist system is prophesied to collapse in the latter days (Revelation 17-18), the Central Asian “Great Game” is likely headed for a “win” by the Russian-Chinese-Iranian camp. The USA has a very thin supply line to Afghanistan and the U.S military is stretched to the breaking point like a rubber-band about to break. If Obama wants to boost the war effort in Afghanistan, he needs to “bite the bullet” and impose a civilian draft like LBJ did in Vietnam. There is no other way to have enough U.S troops to subdue and control Afghanistan’s rival warlords and warring tribes. Politically, Obama can’t support a draft, so that means the U.S troops will be further worn out in a war apparently being fought not to serve actual American interests, but rather those of Babylon the Great’s multinational corporations (again, if Engdahl is right). I see the Afghan War eventually ending badly for the USA and NATO.

Please read the link below and make up your own mind!