As all readers I’m sure realize, there has been a prolonged Euro crisis that is festering due to the Greek debt crisis. This has been so well reported I see no need to include links about it. However, we are approaching a “tipping point” (as the first link terms it) in this crisis where something has to give. The IMF and the creditor banks are taking a hard-line position that Greece will receive no debt relief. However, Greece is equally adamant that it will no longer yield to the IMF/EU/creditor demands which are devastating its nation and people.

I urge all readers to review the information in the first link. It is a prescient analysis of the crisis situation that may soon unfold. It states the IMF/EU/creditor bloc is “unbending” in their demands that Greece knuckle under to them. Greece is equally adamant that it will no longer participate in what it calls an “extend and pretend” situation in which “95% of the ‘aid’ provided to Greece in the past few years has gone simply to pay off loans owed to banks in Germany, France and elsewhere…” The article cites a growing rebellion against the strictures imposed on many nations by the IMF, and that there is a growing consensus among many nations that the IMF’s “primary purpose… [is to] protect international creditors.” The article indicates that the time has arrived for this crisis to either be resolved through compromise or it will explode into a fiscal crisis that “could spread well beyond Greece.” The obvious compromise would involve the creditors all taking a “haircut” and writing off a certain percentage of Greece’s debt in order to avoid the much worse situation where Greece simply repudiates all its debt, leaves the Eurozone and readopts the Drachma as it currency. That would leave the creditors with nothing, but the creditors’ refusal to compromise could lead to the very situation that will hurt them the worst.

The first link also calls into question the honesty of the IMF’s recent leaders. It reports that the current IMF Managing Director, Christine LaGarde, is being investigated in an insider business deal she oversaw while she was the French Finance Minister. Her predecessor, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is embroiled in a scandal involving legal charges that he solicited sex from a New York maid. His predecessor, Rodrigo Rato, was recently “detained… in Spain as part of a money-laundering investigation.” Do we see a pattern of behavior and attitudes that global financial elites feel they are “above the law” and can do anything they want? The second link has a piece of information that further indicates that this is the case. The second link is an article primarily about the opposition of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MS) to the big Wall Street banks and the financial elites. Some of her quotes are worthy of note. She is cited as saying the banks have “reached a new level of brazenness, demanding that Senate Democrats grovel before them.” She added that “banks shouldn’t be able to cheat people, and no financial institution should pose a risk of destroying the economy because it’s too big to fail.” The article also states: “Warren said straight out that she thought JP Morgan and other banks were breaking the law.” The article closes with a quoted comment by Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s Chief Executive, who said, “So hit me with a fine. We can afford it.” I doubt Mr. Dimon realized it, but in making that comment, he absolutely personified the “brazenness” that Sen. Warren said characterizes the big banks. He makes a point though. The US regulatory agencies have almost always assessed civil fines to the big banks for their financial crimes and/or misdeeds, but rarely ever conduct any actual prosecutions of the top banking officials who made the decisions that led to the crimes/misdeeds that resulted in those banks paying fines.

This lack of prosecution that characterizes the attitude of the US federal regulatory agencies and the arrogance/corruption of international elitist financial institutions fits perfectly the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 that the global financial system of the latter days will be corrupt and self-indulgent. In prophesying about the collapse of the latter-day global financial system (which the prophecy calls “Babylon the Great”), Revelation 18:3 prophesies the governmental/political elites (“the kings of the earth”) will have been in a corrupt cooperation with the financial/commercial elites (“the merchants of the earth”) to enrich themselves at the expense of the nations and their people. Proverbs 16:18 states: “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” The attitude of the IMF/EU/creditor bloc and the attitude of the big banks (as expressed by Mr. Dimon) confirm that pride and haughtiness are abundantly present in their spirits. This is occurring at the precise time in world history (the “latter days”) when Revelation 17-18 predict a great fall and collapse of the global financial/monetary/economic system will occur. The Bible does not reveal a year for this collapse to occur and it does not state what the trigger will be that causes it, so I will make no such specific prediction either. However, we were warned by former US Treasury Secretary Paulson in 2008 that the global financial/banking system had then come within mere “hours” of collapse. Revelation 18:10 and 19 foretell the collapse, when it occurs, will occur within “one hour.” Given the interdependent nature of the current global financial system, a major crisis could cascade quickly into a meltdown within an hour if it is not contained quickly. In 2008, the nations cooperated to prevent that meltdown. However, Revelation 17:9-18 prophesy that when the final collapse comes, it will be actively caused and abetted by an alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” who will pull down the global system deliberately. Presumably, these are modern nations that will take such action. Based on media headlines, we may be getting close to the fulfillment of Revelation 17-18’s prophecy. Let’s keep our eyes on the Greek debt situation. They can’t keep punting this insoluble problem down the road for much longer.

One last thought. Hillary Clinton is assumed to be the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party for its 2016 presidential nomination. She is a quintessential establishment candidate. However, Ms. Clinton not only has a major problem with past scandals, but also with her deteriorating health. The third link details some of her health problems, which if they are as severe as reported, should preclude her from even running for the presidency. The establishment media has largely kept this story from the general public, but the fourth link offers many reports about this thorny issue for Ms. Clinton and the Democrats. If Ms. Clinton cannot run (or even worse–if she is nominated and then her health collapses), Senator Warren has been touted as one of the likely Democratic alternative candidates. Let’s close with a possible scenario. The global financial elites are used to having control over the nominating processes of both the Democrat and Republican parties so the nominees are always controlled by/acceptable to the financial elites. What if God decides to intervene so Senator Warren (an enemy of Wall Street banks) becomes the Democratic nominee and Senator Rand Paul (who wants to audit the US Federal Reserve Board) is the GOP nominee? This would result in a very new situation where the global financial elites will lose regardless of which candidate is elected. The final link cites a recent poll in which Senator Paul has pulled ahead of Hillary Clinton in the key swing states of Colorado and Iowa, and he has barely begun his campaign.

It appears we are heading for interesting times.

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