This post may have immediate value to many, if not all, readers. We all use the Internet for all kinds of activities, so the information in these two links [12] should be read by everyone. It has been reported that the Internet may not be secure at all for financial or informational transactions. There is a major, and apparently long unnoticed, flaw in the encryption programs of perhaps all Internet security systems. The flaw is referred to as the “Heart Bleed” bug, and it is far too technical for someone like me to explain it. However, those readers who are “techies” will likely understand the computer systems flaw that is described in these links.

This security flaw has apparently been undetected for more than two years, and what is especially worrisome is that the flaw or “backdoor” into encryption systems is that “attackers can exploit the vulnerability without leaving any trace (emphasis added).” Given that fact, no one knows who or what entities have been accessing everyone’s personal information, including “email, e-commerce transactions, social networking posts and other web traffic.” This major flaw in encryption security systems was reportedly co-discovered by Google, Inc. and a Finnish security firm.

Those trying to fix this major security breach advise everyone to change their passwords, and I cannot help but wonder if this security breach may have given unidentified hackers a backdoor to all banking transactions, patented corporate records, military and intelligence information, and encrypted communications between world leaders, central bankers and all world leaders of all kinds all over the world for several years at least.

This breach (and especially the information that the unidentified hackers gained via it) may have a great deal of relevance to the fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the approaching fall of the global political/monetary/financial system called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 17-18. Some unknown parties have been gathering massive amounts of data that the world’s political and financial leaders thought was being sent via secure Internet communications, but, in fact, was being eavesdropped-upon by unknown intelligence gatherers for a long period of time. One wonders if it was the NSA who created and exploited this backdoor to read vast troves of supposedly-secure communications and transactions? Have the Russian intelligence services been exploiting this security backdoor ever since Edward Snowden brought the NSA’s private information files to China and Russia? Indeed, did Edward Snowden gather much of his information via this gaping security “back-door”? Did other intelligence services around the world know about this hidden way to easily spy on encrypted electronic messages and information all over the world? Did the German intelligence services know? Did the Chinese know about this? Did the Israeli Mossad? Did Interpol know about it? Indeed, are there any global spy agencies that didn’t know about this hidden backdoor to scoop up all kinds of encrypted data?

Just imagine what has been learned by the exploiters of this intelligence breach when they accessed the private communications between world political leaders engaged in “hush-hush,” behind-the-scenes deals? Imagine the insider information that has been gathered by accessing the supposedly-encrypted traffic between the US Federal Reserve Board, other global Central banks, all major Wall Street firms, the major stock markets and commodity and precious metals markets all over the world? The axiom, “knowledge is power,” really is true. It may be that the innermost corruptions of the current “Babylon the Great” system have been accessed and documented by many major players in world geopolitics, and these major players may include the “seven heads and ten horns” that are prophesied in Revelation 17-18 to tear down and replace the current political/monetary/financial system which is dominated by the US Federal Reserve Board, the US dollar, major Wall Street, London and Swiss banking and trading firms, etc.

I imagine that there are many people among the leaders of the world’s political and financial communities who may now be terrified that their supposedly “safe” communications weren’t “safe” at all. For the average citizenry, this may mean simply the need to replace all passwords. It may also indicate that the Internet will never be truly “secure,” and that if you want to have safer financial transactions, go back to using checking accounts at banks or buy things with cash. However, for the “movers and shakers” of the world, both those who are open and known and those who are shadowy figures behind the scenes, their innermost secrets and their most corrupt actions are likely now known to whoever has been accessing this previously-unknown “backdoor” to encrypted communications. I suspect that governments and high officials in the public and private sectors may go back to using private couriers to conduct sensitive business or transport key information.

We may not know for some time who gathered all the sensitive information via this back-door which enabled some to gather a treasure trove of sensitive information, but I think it will hasten the fall of Babylon the Great’s system because its innermost corruptions have likely been learned by whoever accessed this electronic “back-door.” For more information on why God inspired the Apostle John to call our modern, “latter-day” global system of politics and finance to be called “Babylon the Great,” I suggest you read my article, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System.