Hi Steven
Your article, Is The Earth… is very revelatory. Tied up some loose ends for me.
One question:
Dinosaurs and humanity. 
I read I believe, of human and dinosaur footprints found within the same strata of the Red River Valley of Texas.    Any comment?
Malcolm (UK)


Dear Malcolm,
Thanks for the positive feedback on my article, Is the Earth 6000 Years Old? I’m glad you found it “revelatory.”
Regarding your question, I’m familiar with the footprints of a “dinosaur” and a human found together in fossilized form in Texas. I’d be happy to comment on it. To begin with, there is no proof that the footprints belonged to any “dinosaur” from the pre-Adamic world. There is no indication that any humans ever lived under Lucifer’s administration on earth during the angelic realm on this earth when the dinosaurs lived. If the fossilized footprints of an animal creature and a human were indeed made at the same time, the footprints had to be after the creation of Adam. We do not know how many kinds of reptiles lived among the animals created by God in the world inhabited by Adam and Eve. We know there were reptiles because we have many kinds of them today. We also know they were in the Garden of Eden as the “tempter” appeared as a “serpent” with legs to Eve (Genesis 3:1-5), and Eve expressed no surprise at its appearance. This serpent (or reptile) had legs, because it lost them in Genesis 3:14 and became a snake.
Many animal, bird and reptile species have gone extinct over the millennia. Given that the footprints of a human and a reptile (or large lizard) were instantly fossilized and preserved, it could well be that what we have is a moment from Genesis 7:21-23 preserved for us on rocks in Texas. All creatures that breathed (that were not on the Ark) died in the Flood. No doubt, many animals and humans fled from the quickly rising waters. The footprints in Texas may preserve the footprints of a human and a pre-Flood reptile which were fleeing from a tsunami, an earthquake or some other natural event which was wiping out life on earth at that time. “Young Earth” creationists make a “leap of logic” in calling the reptilian footprints those of a “dinosaur” (which lived in much more ancient times on earth). It is merely the footprints of a reptile or large lizard, and we know many reptiles were made in Eden as we have many reptile species today.
If the footprints are not from the Deluge period, there are three other possibilities: (A) an ancient man was fleeing from a large reptile (Genesis 6:4 reports there were giants on the earth, why not giant animal species as well as humans?), (B) the reptile was fleeing from a man who was hunting it with a weapon, or (C) the footprints were those of a man running on ancient sand with his pet reptile or lizard (James 3:7 indicates all types of creatures have been “tamed” by men” and many people have pet iguanas or reptiles today).
There are legends of “knights slaying dragons” in ancient and medieval times. There may have been large reptiles or lizards which were killed of as they were hunted to death by mankind. There are still large “dragons” (or “serpents”) on the earth today in Indonesia (the Komodo dragons) which can run fairly fast for a short distance. I’ve seen them in zoos, and they can reach a length of 10 feet long and weigh 300 pounds. I’ll bet now-extinct reptile species were much bigger and more widespread as many different cultures have myths and legends about such large reptiles.
In conclusion, the footprints are not those of a man and a “dinosaur,” but rather those of a man and a reptile or lizard made during the post-Adamic world.
Hope you find my comments useful!
Steve Collins