I have a borrowed copy of “Ten Tribes” published in 1992 and am very interested.

 (None on EBay) Is the book currently being offered the same edition or a later revised edition ? Is such a revision pending ? Is there a subsequent book that is updated and hence preferable ?

Price list ? I am considering multiple purchase to give some away. I like your blog site responses.



Others have asked similar questions. My original book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, is very likely in its last printing, There are only a limited number of cases (or individual books) left for purchase. Single copies cost $20 plus $5 shipping fees for a total of $25. To order, you may send checks or money orders to me at: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735. Cases of this book contain 20 copies and a case can be bought at a 40% discount from the retail price. This results in a price of $240 (20 copies x $12 each) plus shipping fees for a case of books. Rather than obtain individual shipping quotes for each addressee, shipping fees for each case are $15 if shipped to locations within the USA. Therefore, a case of 20 books would cost $255. Orders may be sent to me at the same address given above. Orders will be honored till supplies are exhausted.
My original book was expanded into a set of four “derivative” books. The four books collectively contain the information which was in my original book, but much new historical information is included in the new books. The new books also feature photos of key artifacts, many illustrations and detailed indexes. The books may be examined an ordered via the “books” link at this website.
Thanks for your positive feedback re: my blog material!