Hi Steve

I have just finished reading your commentary of March 14 and found it to be quite absorbing. In it you wrote “…it will collapse the great banking establishments of the West and will devastate the US dollar and force it to be restructured.”

I wonder if the “Illuminati” have already made provision for this with the ‘minting’ and ‘printing’ of the ‘Amero’. I have read several reports, including your own-the last headed “IS “INTERNATIONAL RECEIVERSHIP” COMING TO THE USA?” and dated June 27, 2008 – of this ‘new’ currency and expect it to surface quite soon.

‘Latter day’ prophetic events all seem to be just ‘falling into place’.

Ralph Ford


Hi Ralph,

Thanks for the positive feedback and comments. I have done several blogs on the possibility of a new “North American Union (NAU)” which the globalists would like to create by merging the USA with Canada and Mexico into one entity even as European nations were merged into the European Union. The new currency of the new NAU would apparently be called the “Amero,” which would be a North American counterpart to the “Euro” (the currency of the European “Eurozone). Readers can do a websearch for these above topics and find an endless array of links describing the NAU and the Amero. It is my personal guess that the utter chaos in Mexico due to its drug wars and internal violence has delayed any NAU from being implemented. I doubt either the Canadian Parliament or the US Congress would approve merging with Mexico while Mexico is experiencing an internal disintegration of law and order.

Please keep in mind that while this may happen, it is not a certainty yet. However, given the fact that the USA is the world’s greatest debtor nation in history and given the fact that Proverbs 22:7 states an immutable law that “debtors are servants (slaves) to lenders,” the USA may at some point have little choice but to implement orders given to it by its lenders. One classic action by debtors that are “going under” is to sell off assets to pay debts. The attached link from TIME.com documents that both the USA and UK are heading down this path. It reports that the heavily-indebted British government is selling off its Royal Mint and National Mapping Agency.  It also raises the possibility that the heavily-indebted US Government may sell off Yellowstone National Park, the Washington Monument and some US National Parks. These measures by the UK and American governments would be somewhat masked by calling them “privatizations,” but it would still be a graphic example that the fiscal status of both the British and American governments was reaching a state of desperation.

It isn’t only the governments that are getting desperate to raise cash. The same goes for private corporations too. The iconic Sears Tower in Chicago is being sold to a foreign investment group (see second link below), and will be re-named the “Willis Tower.” Expect this trend to continue as America’s patrimony is sold off to pay its profligate debts. This sale happened when the dollar is inexplicably high on the exchange markets. Many American assets could be sold off quickly when/if the US dollar drops hard on the foreign exchange markets.