As I’m sure most readers know, there have been reports floating around for years now that an Israeli (and possibly an American) military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities was imminent or only months away. So far none of those reports or predictions have come to pass. This blog cites evidence that the “attacks” may have been occurring for some time, but the attacks were clandestine intelligence operations, not open military attacks.

The first link (sent by a reader) cites an article in which the Financial Times, a mainstream publication, raises the possibility that the Iranian nuclear program has been hampered and held back by clandestine spy operations. Evidence cited includes statements from the IAEA and scientists that Iran’s centrifuge operations have been reduced and are less efficient than they should be. While the article raises the possibility that technical incompetence could be the reason for this slowing up of Iran’s nuclear program, I personally think that clandestine intelligence operations are more likely the real reason for Iran’s nuclear program problems. Iran has long had Russian, Chinese and North Korean technical help in their nuclear program (Russia supplied the reactor) and these nations have plenty of technical expertise to share with Iran. They are also all allies in the Gog-Magog alliance which is prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39 to come into existence in the latter days of our age.

The second link offers support for a clandestine intelligence operation against Iran’s nuclear facilities. It states that Meir Dagan, the Mossad Chief, secretly visted with his intelligence counterparts in Saudi Arabia recently about the mutual concerns these two nations have re: the growing Iranian nuclear/military threat. This raises the possibility that Iran’s nuclear facilities are being sabotaged not only by Israeli agents, but by Sunni Arab Moslems posing as Iranian Shiites. If this is happening, I’m sure the Israeli Mossad would be happy to provide whatever technical help was necessary for the Saudis to get the job done.

There is more evidence of a clandestine war being waged against Iran’s nuclear program. The final link has a number of articles and segments (scroll down to find them all) which document that the Israeli Mossad has been warring against Iran’s nuclear program behind the scenes. One segment entitled Slowing Down Iran’s Nuclear Program states that “Iranian scientists have gone missing, equipment sent to Iran for its nuclear program arrived broken, warehouses in Europe where equipment for Iran’s nuclear program was being stored went up in flames and Iran has been plagued by a number of mysterious military plane crashes.” I’m pretty sure we all agree that these are not all “coincidences” or “bad luck.” One segment in the third link also asserts that American and British agents have also been active in delaying the progress of Iran’s nuclear program. Such efforts are successfully buying time for diplomacy to work or other options to be put in place, but the time is coming when intelligence operations will not be enough to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions. That is when the Israelis, the Americans and the West will have to make some hard decisions.