I loved your recent interview on Israel Radio, thanks. The HS has chosen to lead me over the last two years into an understanding regarding the Lost Ten Tribes. You are ahead of me so the HS  will be teaching me through you for a while.
I have a question related to your last post, regarding the Prince of Meshech and Tubal. On January 6, 2008, the re-convened Sanhedrin along with the New Jewish Congress and The Temple Mount institute created a document which was later presented to President Bush while he was in Israel. I am sure you are familiar with this. This document refers to President Bush as the “Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal-Leader of the West.” What significance do you place on this document and it’s initial statement regarding our President.

Jeff Rankin



Dear Jeff,
Thanks for your positive feedback re: my recent interview on Israel National Radio. I’m gratified that it helped you understand more about the much-overlooked history of the ten tribes of Israel. There is so much information about the ten tribes of Israel in my books that I could only address the “high points” of their migrational history even in a two-hour interview. If you enjoyed the interview, you will really like the in-depth information provided in my books (see book links at this website).
Regarding your other topic, I’m aware that the cited comment re: President Bush caused a stir in Jewish circles as well. I certainly wouldn’t presume to be able to tell you what the Sanhedrin meant in its statement. Maybe they have an information office or a website that provides some follow-up clarification. Genesis 10:2 confirms that Meshech and Tubal descended from Japheth, not Shem. Japheth is today mostly located in Asia, and Meshech’s name can be seen in the consonants of “Moscow” even as Tubal’s name can be seen in the consonants of the Russian city of Tobolsk and the Tobol River. Those who have researched the migrations of the ten tribes of Israel realize they are Semitic peoples and that their modern descendants are located among the Caucasian populations of Europe, North America, Australia, etc.
An Orthodox Jewish author and friend of mine, Yair Davidy, offered clarifying commentary about the Sanhedrin’s statement at his website,, after it was issued. For more information, I suggest that you check the archives of his website to see if his commentaries are still accessible.