I read you reply to dale parker regarding the pre-flood civilization in your readers questions area.  He mentioned that you gave a talk on this subject as well as had a printed article.  I would like to get a copy of these if they are available.
One can just imagine how advanced the pre-flood civilization was seeing that they spoke the same language for over a 1000 years.  Look how far we have come with english being the common language for less than a century.  Do you think that most of our advanced technological know how is demon inspired?


Dear Marshall,
At the “speeches” link at my website is a message I gave approximately 20 years ago entitled “As It Was in the Days of Noah.” It examined evidence that the pre-Flood world not only had an advanced “high-tech” society like our own, but also that the pre-Flood society was much more advanced than our current one. Evidence examined since I gave that speech has only substantiated that conclusion. For example, my previous blogs have included detailed accounts of the “invisibility” technology that is being developed in the modern world and how this technology could be used to fulfill future biblical prophecies.
Jesus himself said the latter-day civilization on the earth would mirror the pre-Flood civilization (Matthew 24:37). If funding and time ever permit it, I would like to write a full-length book on this subject. While I realize some think that fallen angels are contributing to the high-tech society now being built, I think it is mostly being developed by mankind itself. God made mankind in his image (Genesis 1:26) so mankind was created with innate inventive and creative abilities. As you correctly note, mankind having a common language throughout the pre-Flood period contributed greatly to their ability to quickly share knowledge and make rapid advances in technology. Also, their long life-spans meant that their inventors and genius-types could pool their efforts over almost a millennium! Modern mankind can pool knowledge between only a few decades of overlap between the generations. Mankind again advanced so quickly after the Flood that Genesis 11:6-9 records God had to confuse the languages of all the nations on earth to stop them from again implementing all they imagined to do.  God has had to do miracles to “hold back” mankind’s ability to develop high technologies. Since it is within his will for the latter-day civilization to mirror the pre-Flood civilization, he is no longer “holding back” mankind’s innate creative abilities.